Re: Reel-Time readers and posters

Dave Pritchard (
Tue Nov 4 05:40:53 EST 1997

I agree with Scott. Although I am new to the salt I have found this bbs
very informative and when ever I have addressed a Reel-Timer directly they
have been more than heppy to respond. I did not get out much this year, but
I hope I can "study" for next year by using the information here in these
postings. I have not even got into the archives before October, and will
go back and see what I missed this summer. Thanks to all that have responded
to some of my questions dierctly and thanks to all of you who do the postings
that make this bbs so informative. I look forward to reading this until the
majority of the stripers return next year - it looks like there are still
some around. It's not over yet!


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