Big fish offshore this Fall???

Mike F ()
Mon Nov 24 13:37:19 EST 1997

Ocassionally in the past I can recall Falls when the run of larger stripers never materialized. I believe that the reason given for this was a wedge of cooler water inshore which kept the bait and stripers off shore.
However, during these years larger fish were still caught during the early season and summer. The larger fish also always were caught somewhere down the line - Montauk or Jersey.
My feeling is that with the current regulations in place we will never see a run of larger fish. The fish in the past have always been present in large numbers just up to keeper size. The following year the anticipated bigger fish have been absent.
This past year I saw more fish over 40" than I have seen for a long time, however there seemed to be less in the 28" - 34" size range.
The governing agencies recently admitted that there was a shortage of stripers over 28" throughout their range.
So perhaps the Mass Div. of Marine Fisheries was a bit premature in declaring the striped bass as being recovered. Maybe they should listen to the wishes of most fishermen and increase the size limits rather than reduce them.
Or perhaps the fish just got lost on their southern migration. There was a lounge on the shore of Moosehead Lake which had a sign proclaiming: Saturday Night - Stripers!

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