Re: Are Stripped Bass getting smaller

Jim C ()
Tue Nov 25 09:26:58 EST 1997

A couple of random points to add to this thread.
-NH Audubon's Amoskeag Fishways fishladder,located on the Merrimack in Manchester NH reported for 1997:
American Shad- 22,486
River Herring- 403
Atlantic Salmon- 57
This might add a new twist to the whether or not bass are breeding in the Merrimack.

-For what's its worth, there are published anecdotal accounts of large "rocks"(presumably of reproductive proportions being taken through the ice on a fairly regular basis from the Parker River 30-40 years ago. Resident non-breeders, breeders?
Why would an adult fish live somewhere it wouldn't, couldn't reproduce?

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