Re: Are Stripped Bass getting smaller

Mike F ()
Tue Nov 25 09:53:21 EST 1997

There may be a length/weight discrepency because this chart is based on a length calculated from tip of nose to fork of tail. I think that most of the older charts were contructed in this manner.
The fish are definately much leaner than they were 10 years ago. It is common to see fish with the heads of 40 lbers that only weigh in the low 20's.
I just recently read that the stocks of Atlantic Herring had tremendously increased due to the absence of a commercial fishery for them, which was caused by their previously low stocks. The increase had prompted several huge factory ships to be build to exploit the increased stocks. I guess the numbers will plummet shortly.
It's too late now (maybe ??), but next fall fellows with at least 17' boats might try the area between the Mary Ann Rocks off of Manomet to the Fishing Ledge off the East end of the Canal. We used to fish huge schools of blueback herring and stripers (large) feeding on them. This was in 100' plus of water. We caught them with large swimmers on 100 yds of wire line. There was never any surface activity. You had to search for them using a depth finder.

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