Re: Tandem Flies 10/3

harlan plumley (
Mon Oct 6 18:04:11 EDT 1997

I second the comments about stripers and steamers. First rate.

Jim C's leader rig is interesting - the dropper loop/knot part I like.

My usual leader for nightfishing is a 5'shot of 20lb rio with a shock tippit of
60lb andie if blues are expected. I do use a different set up for
daytime flats or with a sinking line.

I do 90% of my fishing at night and I've all but given up on
florocarbon material and light tippits.

First off its too expensive -
(last time I checked it was close to $10 a spool and that seems silly)
secondly, the stuff is to hard to tie in the dark
(fly, tippit or leader)
thirdly, I dont think a perfect turn over is required
(especially at night or w 2x flys)
and finally, I just like a heaver tippit.

I usually fish a 10' 7wt and while there is no finer stick with
which to mend line, it can be an adventure to manage a schoolie
up to and over a cut bank. A sturdy leader makes it easier to find
at night, easier to grab and faster to release a fish.

And its a lot easier to tie on a new fly as well.

Which leads me to a complaint. Its a small thing but bothersome.
I fished Saturday night/sunday morning and couldnt believe the number
of people who make large use of flashlights. - some of them could have
been search lights given the size and duration.

Honest to god, if you shine a light on the water two things are
likely to happen. First you will destroy whatever night vision you
previously had, and second you will probably put fish down.
Sometimes you have to use a light, but keeping it to minimum will
make everyone happier. end-of-rant and I'm sort of sorry for yelling
sunday morning.

A stiff or

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