Falmouth report 10/10

Larry Backman ()
Sat Oct 11 07:18:28 EDT 1997

I fished Falmouh, specifically Waquoit from 6 to 11 AM yesterday and found Waquoit loaded with bass and blues inside, right up against Washburn's Island.
The channel was dead on both the end of incoming and on outgoing tide. I worked it petty well with eels a couple times and never got a hit; I also saw others doing the same thing to no avail.

I found fish way up at the head of Waquoit right under Rt 28 at dawn. There wa s a nice school of bass working around the sailboats; right up to the shore.

After a futile trip back to the channel I went back into the bay and found the school had moved to the tip of Washburns Island where it meets the Seapit river. Later on I found another bigger school in close to Washburns.

When I say close; I mean on the shore in 3-4' of water. I fished double, tossing an eel out behind me in the slighly deeper water while working a j ig in along the shore under working birds.

The school on the shore was a fat bunch of 20-26" fish,great stuff on 8 pound test. I borke off one really nice mid 30" fish by trying to lift it right at the boat.

The eels behind me had 3 solid pickups; a 28-30" fish, a solid 30" fish and a bluefish fricassee.

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