Re: Lobster Pots in the Canal and other hazards

scott (
Wed Oct 22 14:12:05 EDT 1997


Funny line about the boat, I am sure that there are a few boat accidents as well but probably not much carnage.

Fact remains Harlan is right with regards to the activists groups. I have seen more birds hooked and more shorties kept this year than any year in the past. I would agree with your statement regarding the two methods for birds getting hooked.

I am not sure why there is such a discrepancy in what we both see and hear but can assure I am certain of what I have seen and heard. There have been days this year when I have spent 15 hours on the same rock watching the same people hook birds and pot alike. Even the "experts" that have fished there since the beginning of time. They all agree that there are more pots than ever being placed haphazardly here and there.

Mike, we may both know what we are doing, so does Harlan, we are not the problem. I am telling you that a good portion of the fishing population during the summer months is not around long enough to see the consequences of their action. They cut the line and screw out of there. Look at the place, it is a dump, do you think these people care about the line and hook on the pot or bird?
If the traps weren't there, a good portion of the hangups around the mussel bed area would go away. It is that simple. Now I know someone will say something to the effect of "are we going to remove the rocks too?" On any given day there might be 30 people that fish the mussel bed during the summer. Multiply that by 30 days and you end up with 900 people a month. How many people are lobstering in that same area?-2. Out of those 900 people how many are getting hung up and loosing hooks and lines? Did the problem exist on such a scale before the pots-No. Will there still be losses, yes. When the lobsterman pull their pots out do they throw the line away--not likely. What about the old cables?

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