10-23-97: Canal Report

Bill Downing (bdowning@control.com)
Thu Oct 23 11:07:18 EDT 1997

The west-running tides are a striper magnet and this morning was no exception.
Predawn was quite cold and no one was around. At sunrise, the entire east end from
pole 60 to the entrance just exploded with birds and fish careening everywhere.
I easily could have caught schoolies 2 ft in front of me til my arms ached, but
was more interested in jigging the middle. The best I could manage, even with bottom bouncing heavy stuff,
was about 22 inches. Occasionally, I'd use the jig as a casting weight for
a Red Gill teaser tied above it; slightly bigger fish would invariably hit the
Red Gill (although, usually this is not the case).

On the way back to the car, I glanced at the Scusset beachfront and saw nothing but
a wall of screaming gulls. I walked over and 200 yds of the beach about 100 yds
out was a carpet of stripers slicing through waves. Again, nothing big,
but even a beer can with a hook attached to it would have worked. Hard to believe
but about a 1/2 mile offshore, the bird activity was even more intense than
at the beach. It's almost frightening to contemplate how well you'd do with
a boat out there.

Folks, other than the smallness of the fish, this is as good as it gets.


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