Re: Lobster Pots in the Canal and other hazards

Les (
Thu Oct 23 13:38:25 EDT 1997

I've read all the messages in this thread and must say there are many good points to be taken but what we don't need is more regulations. If that happens, we all get hurt by them. I live in Wareham and spend LOTS of time fishing and with the family at the canel. RE LOBSTER POTS,I too contend with them where I fish. If i continue to hook up on one I move a few feet. Don't want to sound like a smartass but if theres too many find another spot.
RE SIGNS, Earlier in the year they had put up a sign near the Jungle which listed species and size limits, but it has dissapeared. We can't expect signs to be posted weekly because of jerks ripping down whats there. RE TRASH I have to agree we need to have more trash cans put around the area. 3 out of 5 times I'm fishing the canal, I pick up a bag of trash and take it out with me. It would sure make the place look alot better if we all practiced that. RE SHORTS/MIS-HANDLED FISH. This is a tricky thing because you don't know how the culprit will react. Personally I say something to the person and in every case that person has released the fish. In fact I had an instance Sat night where a guy next to me really mishandled a fish and when he released it he just threw it in the canal. After I saw it float by belly up I asked him to come over that I had something to show him. When he did, just as I was pointing to the fish the next guy down said look at this poor fish. After all was said an
d done I think it made an impact on this guy and I really think he'll treat a fish better the next time. Be kool when you mention something. Its not worth a split skull over, or just go drop a dime.

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