10-30-97: Canal Report (let's try that again...)

Bill Downing (bdowning@control.com)
Thu Oct 30 17:15:24 EST 1997

Very scattered, fast moving, finicky schools of micro bass came through the east
end to Sagamore bridge early this morning. A few were showing on top
and there were plenty of birds working. The usual big jigs and mega-poppers
that I use weren't working. I noticed a guy fishing small Kastmasters on a trout
rod who was catching an occasional very small bass, but he was about the only one
doing anything.

Although I don't think the run is over in the Canal, it's definitely on the wane.
As things start to thin out, I think catching fish becomes more a matter of happening
to hit the right location at the right time (i.e. luck) than anything else, since the schools
are becoming more dispersed and sporadic. We'll give it another shot over the
weekend (including Scorton's, which was a quite good November spot last year) and
gradually shift over to RI for the final action of the season...


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