Re: White Perch

Mike Powers (
Mon Dec 1 11:50:15 EST 1997

Poppy Island Channel? I think that's got to be the body of water I've fished from the other side a bunch of times. Start at Oregon Beach and walk right a mile? Look across at spit, that's Poponnessett?

I've caught lots of stripers there. Of course, I've also stood there and watched terns go ape over the edge of the spit and wondered how well I'd swim against a 5 knot tide.

PS-- to keep this current, I caught stripers as recently as the day before Thanksgiving. Somebody (Mark, I think) in the November forum mentioned catching the critters in all twelve months of the year. I wonder if they should be consecutive? I got a co

uple last February, so the only open months on my dnace card are December, January, March. Hmmmmmmmmmm......

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