Re: Striper Rod

john cloyd (
Mon Jan 5 09:32:36 EST 1998

I fish Rye several times each week with any of three rods; a 2 pc. 8 weight,
a 4 pc. 9 weight or my 3 pc. 10 weight (Diamondback). I usually fish from the
beach in the Jenness area. My preference is the 8 weight when the wind is
down, the 9 when it's up, but your question seems to be based on how the multi
piece performs right ? My 3 pc.#10 casts like a rocket launcher, and I don't
see a lot of difference between it and my 4 pc. in terms of smoothness, etc.,
but the 2 pc.#8 is still my favorite rod for fishing. Since I've broken all
three of these rods at one time or another I'd say the 10 weight is a good
chioce if you'll be fishing in a lot of rocks, weeds, etc. where the fish can
get you into trouble. for off the beach stuff you won't need the extra muscle.


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