Re: Kayak's to Monomoy

john cloyd (
Mon Jan 5 13:22:53 EST 1998

It looks like there is a pretty wide range in kayaking experience involved here.
As such you really need to spend some time together planning a trip involving
any long crossings, possible rough conditions, etc. I haven't looked at my chart,
and haven't been to your area, but when you begin actively planning your trip
you need to review charts & tide/current tables to plan a viable routes and
alternatives if weather conditions (wind) change. I think most people can hold
a pace of 3 kts. in good weather. Lots of things impact this, current, wind,
paddler experience and conditioning. Get a realistic estimate of how long you
think it will take to reach the fishing spot for the conditions expected on that
day, then do the same homework for the return trip (probably different) so you
know when you have to head back. You don't have the luxury of cranking up an
engine if there's a problem, so this is critical. You need to practice self
and group rescues, and have the equipment required for emergencies. To be honest
I'd recommend you do day together practicing rescues, then a dry run without
fishing gear, especially if you will be offshore for any length of time. With
the right prep it sounds like you guys will have a lot of fun !

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