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Sustainable Seafood Certification and the Feds

Would having NOAA Fisheries certify seafood as sustainable be a good idea? As I suspect most readers are aware, there are currently a handful of third-party, nonprofit business that have, for a long time, provided an “eco-label” for some market seafood. The Marine Stewardship Council

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One More on Magnuson

Why the Hastings reauthorization bill just sucks Last week I tried to give a general description of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, how it works once the rubber meets the road, and why it’s actually been quite good for anglers in the Mid

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Understanding the Magnuson-Stevens Act

As the debate around the act’s reauthorization rages, it’s important anglers have an understanding of the law’s provisions The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) is, simply, the law that governs how marine resources are managed in federal waters. It was implemented back in

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On Playing with Our Food

How can we really justify recreational fishing? If you hang around commercial fishermen much, you’ll notice that a lot of them have complete disdain for recreational fishing. From a practical standpoint, you can’t really blame them. Yes, we play with our food. Some of us

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“Here’s to the people,” “Oh, I love the people”

There are some great people in the Mid Atlantic region with passion and dedication working for fisheries conservation. Capt. John McMurray introduces us to a few of the folks who are getting things done for us.

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On “Bailing Out” the Fishing Industry

Are Disaster Relief Funds really the disaster some people think they are? Just last week, it was announced that as part of the federal budget, Congress would dole out $75 million in “fisheries disaster relief funds.” The New England groundfish fishery will receive the lion’s

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On The Socioeconomics of Recreational Fishing

What we really mean when we say “we spend more money than you” I read with some interest fellow blogger Steve Waters’ piece (Wait, How Many Gumballs Do Recreational Anglers Get?)  regarding the press conference at the recent Miami International Boat Show on the findings

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Striped Bass C&R in the EEZ

Capt. John McMurray discusses the possibility of a catch and release fishery in the EEZ

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At ASMFC Last Week, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Capt. John McMurray provides a recap of what happened with summer flounder, striped bass and winter flounder at last week’s ASMFC meeting, and touches on the larger picture.

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Of Striped Bass, the EEZ and the Same Old (Expletive)

Capt. John McMurray talks about the winter striped bass fishery in Virginia, and the ridiculousness of opening up the EEZ.

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