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Seriously, What the Fluke?!

Capt. John McMurray explains summer flounder “adaptive regional management” and why the RFA position is wrong

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The CT River Striped Bass Die Off, and the Bigger Picture

While the die-off probably wasn’t that significant, there are larger forces at work   Photos of large quantities of dead stripers began to circulate around the internet mid-week last week.  Yes, it was pretty disturbing.  While there is no definitive estimate, certainly the number of expired

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On Bluefin, Let’s Take The Best We Can Get

NMFS “preferred alternatives” to address longline bycatch, while not perfect, are actually pretty good for bluefin So I’m reading another press release about how anglers are getting screwed on bluefin with HMS Amendment 7 (which seeks to address bluefin bycatch in the pelagic longline fishery),

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Required Reading: Caught

Jeff Nichols gives us an intimate, on-the-ground look at some glaring problems in the striped bass fishery Let me start by saying I have no interest in how many books this guy sells.  Other than a couple of email exchanges this fall, I know Jeff

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1@ 32

With Fisheries Managers in Maryland increasing the catch in spite of an obvious decline in striped bass population, it’s going to come down to fishermen themselves to act responsibly and limit their catch. We can, and need to, change. Capt. John McMurray explains the 1@32 initiative which may be the only action we can take at this point.

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With Striped Bass: Pro-Harvest vs. Precaution

Capt. John McMurray talks about MD DNR’s decision to increase striped bass harvest, why managers in general are prone to making such decisions and why personal conservation choices are now so important.

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Moving Forward With Fluke

Some progress made on summer flounder allocations, but we’re certainly not out of woods yet Last week I reported on the always-contentious state-by-state summer flounder allocation issue.  I did so because the Mid Atlantic Council and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission had some big

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Nuts and Bolts…Why New York Gets Screwed

Capt. John McMurray explains how the current disparity in fluke regulations amongst states developed and how it should be fixed.

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Freezing the Footprint

Capt. John McMurray explains why important baitfish, such as sandeels, need to be protected before new fisheries targeting them emerge.

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Offshore Wind Project Summary

Wind power could be a boon to fishing...

Editors note: This is an addendum to John McMurray’s “Wind Power… Coming to a Coast Near You” Article  Cape Wind, which was issued the nation’s first commercial lease in 2010, allowing them to construct and operate 130 turbines in a 25-mile area in Nantucket Sound. 

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