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October run kicks into gear

Fall run seems to be getting some legs. Legitimate blitzes have been reported along the south shore with bass, albies, and blues in the mix. Bait consists of mullet, peanuts, silversides, and bay anchovies. Unfortunately, the weekend weather is not looking good.

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Shifting over to bass

The focus is shifting to the bass and fall blitzes.  The only albie reports I know of are from Westerly to points west.  Albie’s aside, the fall run has been a bit slow.  The weather certainly hasn’t cooperated lately, but looks better this weekend so good luck.

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September ends quietly

September started out with a bang and the albies kept it hopping all month.  However, last week things seemed to slow down and reports are starting to thin out.  Boats are getting pulled out of the water, reels are getting dropped off at shops for the

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Albies Continue to Please

We are in the middle of prime bass fishing but no one cares. The albie fishing is still hot and the primary target of many recreational fisherman. The season is winding down so tighten those drags and get out there.

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The chill is in the air

The air smells different, your house is cold in the morning, and it is getting dark earlier every day. Face it, winter is not far away. So push off work, your kids, your spouse, and everything else not fishing related and get out there. Your time is running out.

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Albies Continue to Dominate

Albies continue to be the story and they seem to be popping up in all the usual spots. Bait has been the typical small stuff. Anchovies, peanuts, and butterfish are all on the menu. There are some reports of bonito, but most people are having more success with the ablies.

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The Fall Run Begins

Very quickly we have shifted into the fall season. The water and air temps have dropped from just a week ago and the fish are schooling up.

Without a doubt, all the attention is on the albies. They have arrived in force this past week along the South Shore and everyone is talking about them. Most of the fish seem to be feeding on the abundant supply of small peanuts. Early signs point to a much better season than last year. I’m sure the bass and blue fishing is picking up, but no one seems to care.

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Peanuts are in the salt ponds

Very slow week of reports. Hurricane Bill swept wide of New England, but had a significant impact on the surf fishing. Large waves up to 12 feet pounded the beach over the weekend. It made fishing difficult at best and left lots of weeds. As of Thursday, there is still mung in the water. The storm generated no real wind for Southern NE and thus Bill had less of an impact for boaters. However, it appears many boaters still stayed home.

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Bluefish and Hurricane Bill

Bluefish are everywhere and providing lots of action. This is a great time of year to take new fisherman out as the weather is warm and the bluefish are very accommodating. Just watch their fingers.

Unfortunately for bass fisherman, the surge in bluefish has made striper fishing more difficult. Between the warm weather and bluefish it has been tough fishing. Bonito were the top story the last two weeks, but things have been quieter than expected this past week.

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The Three Bs, Blues, Bass and Bonito

Bonito are becoming the focus for many inshore fisherman. Reports are coming in of more consistent fishing from Block Island and the south shore.

Bluefish are in abundance while stripers are still being shy during the day. The bass fishing around Block Island was hot earlier this summer, but unfortunately appears to be slowing down.

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