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Bluefin Tuna attacking a bait ball of mackerel

Here’s a great in the water view of bluefin tuna and dolphins attacking a bait ball of mackerel from National Geographic.

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Bonito, Bonito, Bonito…

A quick Cape Cod report for you: Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report … August 9, 2010 No report is a report… With the exception of smaller bluefish and very finicky bonitos, the fishing around the Vineyard these past days has been less than exciting. I wish

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How to Double Haul

Here it is, one of the most important skills a saltwater fly fisherman will ever learn, taught by one of the best teachers there ever was, the great Mel Kreiger.

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Great White sharks off Chatham

Great white sharks feeding on seals off Chatham, who’d have thought it!

We offer up some tremendous video, as well as a great link to a new site by the guys the state has hired to tag these awesome fish. Definitely worth checking out!

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Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report

Capt. Phil Cronin reports from the Vineyard that they’re taking gator blues, and also passes on the tantalizing word that Bill McConnell brought a bonito to boatside on Saturday. Unfortunately the fish didn’t make it the whole way over the side. So it’s “Game On” for bonito!

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River Herring

Here’s a must watch video on River Herring from the Herring Alliance that covers the history, current state and future of these crucial fish.

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Gator Blues on Surface Plugs

Tremendous video of surface bluefish action from Youtube by Surffishingvideos – complete with slow motion, etc. Definitely Oscar worthy…

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ASMFC Approves Addendum for Striped Bass – Increases Commercial Quota

The ASMFC today announced it has approved for public comment its Draft Addendum II to Amendment 6 which will increase the commercial striped bass quota allotment, and redefine recruitment failure.

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Tying Tuesday – the E-Z Body Sandeel

Capt. Bill Murphy of The Saltwater Edge shows us how to tie the highly effective E-Z Body Sandeel.

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Tying Tuesday – the Clouser Minnow

Capt. Corey Pietraszek of The Saltwater Edge demonstrates how to tie the Clouser Minnow- one of the top saltwater flies ever.

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