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Tarpon Anglers Needed to Help With Research

If you like to fish for tarpon, especially in central and northern Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission could use your help. The FWC has a tarpon genetic recapture study that analyzes the DNA of tarpon caught and released by recreational anglers. The

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South Florida, the offshore kayak fishing capital

Kayak fishing is becoming more and more popular all over the United States, but South Florida has the rest of the country beat when it comes to offshore fishing. The waters off Broward and Palm Beach counties offer kayakers the chance to catch everything from

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NOAA Dismantling Poaching Operation

Florida poachers can be pretty creative. The problem is that after the individuals are caught, the devices they used for their illegal efforts often continue to damage marine resources. That’s why a team from NOAA Fisheries is now in the Florida Keys searching for and

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Divide-and-conquer in the Gulf of Mexico

When it comes to fishing for red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico, it appears that the Gulf Fishery Management Council is taking a divide-and-conquer approach. The way to do that is by sector separation, which would separate recreational fishermen into those who fish on

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Florida fighting back against algae blooms

Algae blooms have taken their toll on the Indian River Lagoon, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is finally taking an aggressive approach toward helping the ailing estuary. Researchers with the state agency are using a new approach to more quickly detect and

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Gill Net Ruling Overturned by Appeals Court

 Florida’s gill net ban is legal Florida’s First District Court of Appeals has overturned an uninformed judge’s ruling and upheld the state’s net ban amendment. Back in October, Leon County Circuit Court judge Jackie Lee Fulford ruled that the state’s requirement of a 2-inch or

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New Book a Must Read for Anglers Without Boats

Options for Miami-Dade and Broward Counties of Florida When you think of saltwater fishing in Florida, you think of heading offshore in a boat. But plenty of fish are caught from beaches, piers, jetties and bridges, and a new book explains exactly how anglers without

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More bad lionfish news thanks to 12-year-old girl

The exotic invader apparently can live in water that is close to fresh Lionfish populations continue to expand in coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, stretching from New England to Mexico. The exotic invader from the South Pacific and Indian

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Spearheading shark conservation

As an artist, scientist and fisherman, Guy Harvey is combining his three loves these days to help sharks. One of the country’s most popular wildlife artists, Harvey’s work appears on everything from murals and posters to T-shirts and towels. With a doctorate in marine zoology,

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Should fishing be banned in Biscayne National Park?

The future of Biscayne National Park was in the news last week, and, as usual, park managers and environmental activists say fishing has to be dramatically curtailed. The park has proposed significant changes: phasing out commercial fishing, ending the annual two-day lobster mini season that

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