Boston Harbor, August 26, 2005

The fishing for both bass and blues continued very strong today in the large bays and shallow flats outside the harbor. Unlike yesterday’s slowdown, due to weather changes and NW wind (IMO), Roy MacDowell and his brother Todd were into fish all morning long today. The fishing really got going strong towards the bottom of the tide and continued through the slack. We were fishing in water less than 5 feet and sometimes in 2-3 feet. It was like fishing for bonefish as Roy and Todd were sight casting to large schools of bass in clear water. What a treat! As I already mentioned, the fishing was a bit tough yesterday. However, Taylor Thompson and Ken Griffin had a day much like today when they joined me on Tuesday for some fly and light tackle fishing. Ken fooled three keepers on top water baits (spin) up to @ 20#. Taylor had a ball using poppers on the fly rod. It doesn’t get much better!!

Taylor Thompson with Ken Griffin

Capt. Wayne Frieden


Mark N. Cahill has been writing and editing for since 1995. He started fishing in the mid-1960's and caught his first striper off World's End in Hingham in 1966. From there on in it was an obsession. He loves fishing for tuna, and fly fishing for striped bass. In a pinch, anything with fins will do...

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