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On the Way to the Elephant’s Graveyard

Way back in 1883 an English scientist, Thomas Huxley,opened the first London Fisheries Exhibition with a speechin which he declared that “I believe that it may be affirmed with confidence that, in relation to our present modes of fishing, a number of the most important sea

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An Open Letter to the ASMFC on Striped Bass

An empassioned plea for a species in peril ASMFC Mike Waine Fishery Management Plan Coordinator 1050 N. Highland St, Suite A-N Arlington, VA 22201 Dear Mr. Waine & ASMFC Commissioners: I own and am the primary operator of One More Cast Charters, a light-tackle guide

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Bluefin Tuna Catch a Break

There’s no question that bluefin rank among my favorite gamefish.  I caught my first nearly forty years ago.  Ever since, I’ve been entranced by their size and their strength, and extremely pleased by the fact that they frequently pass through my home waters south of

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At the funeral of an old friend

As if the never-ending red snapper controversy isn’t enough for Gulf of Mexico recreational fishermen, another storm is raging in the waters off four of the five Gulf States. Because Louisiana is in the eye of this storm, the aftermath could leave the “Sportsman’s Paradise”

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Observable Impacts

How a Court in Alaska may have a big impact on New England commercial fisheries A recent court decision in Alaska could have important impacts here in New England. The decision by the U.S. District Court for the district of Alaska just may be the

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Tarpon Anglers Needed to Help With Research

If you like to fish for tarpon, especially in central and northern Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission could use your help. The FWC has a tarpon genetic recapture study that analyzes the DNA of tarpon caught and released by recreational anglers. The

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On black seabass and the Wave 1 (January/February) Fishery

Why giving the charter/party fleet exclusive access during the winter doesn’t work for the rest of us Okay, so guess what: I’m not gonna write about striped bass this time around, although I suspect I’ll mention it a few times.  This week I’d like to

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Red Snapper Sector Separation Conflict

Well, the public hearings on Reef Fish Amendment 40 are over. Now the issue of further dividing red snapper swimming in the Gulf of Mexico will be left to the 17 voters on the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. From the Aug. 18 meeting

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South Florida, the offshore kayak fishing capital

Kayak fishing is becoming more and more popular all over the United States, but South Florida has the rest of the country beat when it comes to offshore fishing. The waters off Broward and Palm Beach counties offer kayakers the chance to catch everything from

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Striped Bass Hearings Set

Time to be heard, but know what to say… Well, after about eight years of a painfully noticeable decline in striped bass abundance, and the slow and arduous crawl toward doing something about it, the rubber is finally beginning to hit the road here. A

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