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New bluefin Tuna Regulations

Will the new rules for bluefin tuna bycatch help or hurt the fishery? Capt. John McMurray breaks it down for us in this in depth look at Amendment 7 to the Bluefin Tuna rules.

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Big Fish May Spell Trouble

The New England Bluefin tuna season has seen a slow start and it does not seem to have gotten a whole better better. Some would say that it has gotten a lot worse. For those who have been able to find the fish, the average size is up over that of the last few years. What does this mean?

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Report Your Bluefin!

With reporting compliance comes better data There is a lot going on with bluefin tuna right now.  Not only is there some new science refuting some of the old ideas we had about migration patterns of Eastern and Western stocks (which has serious implications for

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Fishy Business: Debates over Bluefin Tuna at ICCAT Annual Meeting

A School Bluefin taken off Long Island with Capt. Chris Hessert of Manhattan Fly

Well it must be summer time, which is hard to tell by the current weather. Rain, rain, and more rain. It must be summer because the different sides are turning up the rhetoric for the annual debate on bluefin tuna. The International Commission for the

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Great White sharks off Chatham

Great white sharks feeding on seals off Chatham, who’d have thought it!

We offer up some tremendous video, as well as a great link to a new site by the guys the state has hired to tag these awesome fish. Definitely worth checking out!

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States Schedule Hearings on Striped Bass Commercial Increase: Public Comment Accepted Until Oct 1

States Schedule Hearings on Striped Bass Draft Addendum II: Public Comment Accepted Until October 1

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An unsustainable number of pre-spawn bass are being slaughtered in an illegal fishery.

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ASMFC Continues Effort to Increase Commercial Bass Harvest

Gamble to increase commercial take by up to 50 percent heads for public hearings

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ASMFC Approves Commercial Increase Addendum for Public Comment

See below…  Fishing hard and trying to keep my head above water at my day job, so no time to comment in detail on this right now, but any regular reader of this column knows what the deal is.  Very quickly, before reading the below

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A widely inaccurate ESPN article sets off national panic

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