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The Straight Dope on Striped Bass

Capt. John McMurray proposes the case that a reduction in striped bass mortality must be a key tenet of striped bass conservation. Forget slot limits, forget gamefish status – what is needed, clearly, is to decrease striped bass mortality.

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Saltwater Fly Fishing Basics

Casting a long fly line on a glass calm morning and watching the whole line simultaneously drop and place itself on the water is one of the great joys of fly fishing.  Before any fish are caught the angler gets to experience this awesome moment

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Early-Spring Striped Bass Tactics

As water temperatures creep toward 50 degrees, holdover stripers begin to stir in the shallows of southern New England, providing light-tackle sport for anglers in skiffs, kayaks, canoes and on foot. It’s early-spring striped bass time!

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Florida FWC Votes to Make Bonefish a Gamefish

Florida FWC approved new rules for for Bonefish. Effective July 1, 2011 the 1 fish daily bag limit is abolished and bonefish are catch and release only. Bonefish may be targeted only with hook and line gear and the new rule allows temporary possession for

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States Schedule Hearings on Striped Bass Commercial Increase: Public Comment Accepted Until Oct 1

States Schedule Hearings on Striped Bass Draft Addendum II: Public Comment Accepted Until October 1

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Grand Slam

The hammer has fallen and there was NO MERCY!!!! No permit goes 0 for 8 with the bonefishwhisperer….finally shocked the monkey today…started as usual with a big bonefish loss on deep canal edge but today was different and I pushed forward because I wanted a permit for my birthday

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Roosterfish Capital of the World

The East Cape of Baja, Mexico is a spectacular place to saltwater fly fish, especially if you want to catch Roosterfish from shore! Join us as Bob Veverka takes us on a tour of this marvelous fishery.

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Northeast Flats Primer

As interest in sight-fishing northern flats continues to grow, more and more Northeast anglers face unfamiliar fishing challenges that can lead to frustration and disappointment.

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Fly Fishing Cumberland Island, Georgia

“I HAVE A FISH!” came the proclamation. I whipped around to see five year old Alex clutching his straining fishing rod, the last two feet of which were pulled entirely straight. Determination gripped the child’s face. Line was melting from his little reel, and he was

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Bonefish Dreams in the Seychelles

For a few of us, the dream goes like this: big uneducated bonefish in a perfect setting, no people or jet skis on an endless hard gleaming white flat.

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