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Bonito and False Albacore: The Experts Speak

Get the lowdown on Bonito and False Albacore fly fishing from the expers, Peter Alves, Capt. Leslie Smith and Don MacGillivray in this great article from Dave Peros.

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How to Fly Fish for False Albacore

Several years ago, October found me drifting over Napatree Point in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, hoping to find one of the stripers that frequent this rocky point. As I imagined the falling tide washing my eel pattern along, making it pulse beneath a heavy Teeny

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INSHORE TUNA TACTICS: Fly Fishing for Bonito and False Albacore

Had it been mere mayhem I might have been able to cope a little better, but this was something different. Two schools of sand eels had been corralled on either side of our boat and were being decimated by heat-seeking, eel-eating, supersonic, drag-burnin g, bonito

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