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Chasing the Silver King: Tarpon Around the Globe

Knowing key seasonal implications and likely conditions at each individual destination is an essential ingredient in planning your tarpon fishing excursion.
The kind of quarry that can make an angler daydream and grow increasingly listless when away from the water. Tarpon — the “silver king” — is just such a fish.

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Tarpon Fly Selection

  At the risk of sounding simplistic, tarpon fishing is as easy as it gets. Knocking it down to basic components, you place the fly in front of a fish and keep it there until he eats or refuses it. Plus, tarpon are so predictable

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How to Fly Fish for Tarpon on the Beaches of Southwest Florida

The skiff floated on a gently rolling sea. Early morning light reflected off the waves, and from the backs of the tarpon that rolled sporadically throughout the area. Barry Kent couldn’t wait for a specific target and cast blindly, hoping for the best. Suddenly he

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