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It’s My Cast – Central E.Coast Fishing Report – Feb. 12, 2011 – Bill Hubbard

My apologies for the brevity of this, my last “It’s My Cast” column for Reel-Time.   I’ve enjoyed writing it these past months and hope it has provided information you all needed.  I especially appreciate those who I have heard from both in the comments section

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Horrendous Environmental Damage to Gulf of Mexico Fish and Wildlife is Just Beginning

 With news of another bumble by BP at the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill yesterday, crude oil at the rate of over 2,500,000 gallons per day plus 19,000 million gallons of natural gas(methane) has been released and untold amounts of chemical dispersants are

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Fishing Banned for all 73 Species of Snapper and Grouper – It’s My Cast

Orlando-June 9, 2010 – Today the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council banned fishing for the 73 species of Snapper and Grouper and closed a 4827square mile area off Florida and Georgia to all fishing.  The council had previously declared the species grossly overfished and this action is

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It’s My Cast – Big Snook on Melbourne Beach

We finally got a break from windy, stormy weather if not from the cold.  When I arrived at one of my favorite spots north of Sebastian Inlet at 5:45 AM the waves were breaking on the beach but were only about 2ft. high.  The temperature

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Welcome to It’s My Cast

Bill Hubbard joins us with with “It’s My Cast” giving us the latest on what’s happening on the fishing front in Florida in general, and Eastern Florida in particular! If you’re on the water, be sure to send him reports, pictures, etc.

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