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Florida FWC Votes to Make Bonefish a Gamefish

Florida FWC approved new rules for for Bonefish. Effective July 1, 2011 the 1 fish daily bag limit is abolished and bonefish are catch and release only. Bonefish may be targeted only with hook and line gear and the new rule allows temporary possession for

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ASMFC Striped Bass Board Initiates Addendum to Reduce Fishing Mortality

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board has initiated development of Draft Addendum III with the goals of reducing striped bass fishing mortality (F) up to 40% and further protecting spawning stock when it is concentrated and vulnerable. The addendum was

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When “free” isn’t free

By Candus Thomson, Outdoors Baltimore Sun, June 18, 2010 So New York lawmakers and leaders of the Recreational Fishing Alliance are drooling all over themselves because the state Senate passed a bill to repeal its $10 saltwater fishing license and replace it with a free

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States Schedule Hearings on Striped Bass Commercial Increase: Public Comment Accepted Until Oct 1

States Schedule Hearings on Striped Bass Draft Addendum II: Public Comment Accepted Until October 1

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ASMFC Approves Commercial Increase Addendum for Public Comment

See below…  Fishing hard and trying to keep my head above water at my day job, so no time to comment in detail on this right now, but any regular reader of this column knows what the deal is.  Very quickly, before reading the below

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ASMFC Approves Addendum for Striped Bass – Increases Commercial Quota

The ASMFC today announced it has approved for public comment its Draft Addendum II to Amendment 6 which will increase the commercial striped bass quota allotment, and redefine recruitment failure.

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A widely inaccurate ESPN article sets off national panic

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ASMFC moves forward with addendum increasing commercial harvest,
while New York takes steps toward a directed trawl fishery.

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CCA Mourns Passing of Walter Fondren Visionary conservationist helped change the way marine resources are managed HOUSTON, TX – The conservation community lost one of its true visionaries with the passing of Coastal Conservation Association founder Walter W. Fondren III last week in Houston. A

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Bass @ Block

Join in the discussion here on the forums. Your input is what makes this place great. Share your experience and information on the No BS Saltwater Fishing Forum – Fishing Reports, Discussion, Experience and Knowledge Sharing. Here’s how this thread started: “Sand eels seem to be petering out, tide kind of sucked this weekend,however did have “

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