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Rockport Report – Part 2

I made may way up the shoreline, one of those flats shorelines you fall asleep at night reading about – six inches of water, gin clear, edged by tall grass, and alternately sandy muddy bottoms – ultimate waterscape for flats Redfish. I was beginning to find my eyes, and be able to discern the differences

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Redfish in Rockport Part 1

One of the places to launch from, and fish from at night – the Goose Island State Park Pier. It all started to come together as I was passing across the Copano Bay bridge back into Rockport. The sun had finally beaten back the fog inland, a distinct wall to the west, and the indistinguishable line

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Some Awesome Redfish fishing in Pensacola

Some awesome night time footage of Redfish Action! Fishing 3 mile bridge in Pensacola, FL Uploaded by TrueKing from AnglerTube The Redfish just seem to get bigger and bigger.

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Redfish on fly

Check out the new blog on the block. More and more people are joining in the conservation fight in NC. CFRG blog

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Tips for Louisiana Saltwater Fishing

If you are in Louisiana and searching for the best saltwater fishing spot you will be happy to know you have several places to choose from. It is always a good idea to plan your fishing trips in advance so you can be sure everything runs smoothly. This way you can make sure you have a hotel near the lake you want to fish along with restaurants of your choice. Three of the best lakes in Louisiana to go saltwater fishing are Lake Lafitte, Lake Charles and Lake Calcasieu.

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Right now, more so than during any other time this year, Iâ??m finding the fishing to be somewhat inconsistent. Fishing the past couple weeks has been good one day and slow the next. When I say â??goodâ? Iâ??m referring to days consisting of trout limits, and when I say â??slowâ? I mean we are catching trout, but just maybe not in the total numbers that everyone would like to recognize on a given day. I canâ??t help but think this

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