This year is shaping up to be a historic season for false albacore.  Fish abound from Buzzards Bay to Mon0moy.  Although I must admit the area around where I would launch if I could get out seems to be one of the few areas were the pickings are a bit slim.  If there are any flaws in your gear, these fish will be quick to make them stand out.  Weak knots – fish gone… nicks in your line – fish gone,  clouser nicks in rod – rod broken and fish gone… drag worn and not smooth – fish gone.  Check out the bottom of Capt. Phil’s report at the bottom for pictures of the prevailing bait.  Just remember to release these fish quickly with a football type spike back into the water so they get a rush of oxygen over the gills to revive them.

Elizabeth Islands/Buzzards Bay

Capt. Joe LeClair of North Eastern Anglers reports:

Albie fishing is sick, and this kind of inshore hard tail fishing does not happen every year ! In the last couple days we have had Bonito mixed in with the Albies.

Captain Joe LeClair
North Eastern Anglers

Martha’s Vineyard

Capt Phil Cronin of Capawok Charters reports:

Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report … September 10, 2009

Albies, albies, and more albies…

It’s that time of year again; the invasion of the Little Tunny. What a blast we’re having on these rod breaking, line screaming, speedsters. If you want to test your angling mettle, now is the time to lasso a tunny. Whether throwing an epoxy minnow with the long pole or casting a maria with a spinning rod, hooking up with a False Albacore gets your blood flowing with heart pounding takes and muscle aching runs.




I’ve often explained to my anglers that albie fishing isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to be fast and accurate with your casts. A breaking school only lasts a short while and getting a lure or fly into them while they’re crashing the surface increases your odds of a hook-up ten fold. When we’re targeting the little tunny I try to discourage young kids and inexperienced anglers from pursuing them Sometimes that approach is dead wrong as in the case of 9 year old Will who’s father convinced me that he was ready for the chase. Against my better judgment I agreed to take him out and this is where the story begins. I told Will if he were to boat his first albie it would be worth a prize from the captain and an entry in my log as the youngest angler to do it all by himself on light spinning tackle. With amazement I watched the 9 year old cast, hook-up, fight, and boat his first False Albacore ever. It was the largest one we’ve caught all week! I’ll never doubt the angling ability of a young kid again. Check out these photos and tell me if you don’t see Christmas morning in his eyes…


Congratulations Will in proving a misbelieving charter captain wrong.

Albies aren’t the only game in town as bonito are still around and bluefish are starting to return in good numbers. Bass fishing is fairly slow with the exception of the guys chunking bait off Gay Head. Spanish mackerel have been landed by several friends fishing the east end of the island.


If you’re wondering about what the prominent bait is around the island besides the usual silversides, sandeels, herring, and bunker; here are some photos of the micro-baits we’re running up against:



To all the anglers who will compete in this year’s MV Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby I wish you good luck. Although there are great prizes and bragging rights at stake, the real spirit of the derby has always been camaraderie among fishermen and sharing the passion for angling which we all hold close to our hearts. The fall classic gets underway September 13th and runs through October 17th.
Tight Lines and Singing Drags,

Captain Phil Cronin

Cell: 617-448-2030


From bdowning

9-7: Canal

Not the action I was hoping for on the W tide in wee hrs. I managed three bass, one near legal, and had to move around a bunch to get’em.

At dawn, there are a lot of very small fish breaking at both mid Canal and the east end, many reachable, but not many guys were catching. I tried underneath with heavy metal to no avail. Saw one or two guys get a few micros on plugs.

From dhauler

Yesterday I fly fished a UDL at the west end of the canal from 1AM to 3:30 am on the outflow. Hooked 1 Searobin and hooked and lost a small striper. THis place usually produces but not this morning. Switched to canal gear and headed to one of my favorite spots. Cast metal and jigs till false dawn with no luck, then switched to topwater as the current turned east. Fish started to break on the surface within casting range. Guy next to me on my left, took and lost a decent fish, a guy on the other side of me took a smaller fish, then it was my turn, and on a green and white bottle popper I managed to land a nice heavy fish about 30-32″ long. The fish continued to come through but became awfully finicky. Managed one other fish about 26″. Left about 8:30.

South Side

Marvin reports:
Headed out this morning with Capt. Steve Burnett to find absolutely FAC seas under thin clouds. Ran into some small bass on top on our way to the main event. Albies weren’t showing very much, but they were definitely there!! Picked up 4-5 before things started getting crowded, so we headed off a mile or so away where there weren’t many other boats around, but plenty of fish. Ended up with 10 or so to the boat before it was time to go home for lunch ;-))) A completey outstanding day!!
Kuskus68 posted on the forum:
I ran into a huge school of albies all coming up the same time rolling with their sides on the surface very fast back and fourth in all different directions.
They did this over and over looked like a big school of bluefin the way they feed,they ate well if you could get the fly in front of them.
I could not see what they were eating if they were eating they did not puke anything up but every school I saw yesterday was doing this..Any ideas..
North Side
Bayside reports:
I have a 21 Contender but we splashed my buddy’s 24 Romarine….less deadrise means less tippy in the beam-to seas which was extremely welcome out there while fishing. The Bay was ANGRY that day, but Scortons was loaded with big bass. I think sometimes the NE breeze pushes all the fish to the SW part of the Bay. That’s what we found Sunday morning. Tube’n’worm was on the $$.

Oh- one of the “usual” SOCO locations, for those that were about to ask….

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