Bonito, Bonito, Bonito…

A quick Cape Cod report for you:

Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report … August 9, 2010

No report is a report…

With the exception of smaller bluefish and very finicky bonitos, the fishing around the Vineyard these past days has been less than exciting. I wish I had better news at this point but we are still waiting for more bones to show up and take residence in their August haunts. It’s not that we haven’t been throwing to singles and small pods as they have started to arrive. The bonito fleet is out in numbers and when fish are spotted in their ritual feeding grounds there have been more boats than fish. On several of our last trips we have thrown flies and lures right into them with no hook-ups. On one trip my fly angler put a fly into them at least five times and I kept waiting for his line to go tight. It didn’t happen. My thinking is that each day now will show improvement in chasing the bone and very soon they will be in enough numbers for us to have better results. Up to now the lack of a fishing report from me has been a fishing report. It’s not worth the effort to tell you all about the 3 to 5 pound bluefish we have been catching!

On a recent trip south of the island we found some nice bones. Young Sam brought in a 9.25# fish that would have been at least 12# if it had fattened up. Unfortunately the fish will never have that chance because it helped the Mayer family fatten up that night.

There’s no doubt that the bonito are arriving in better numbers every day. We spotted them along the east shore and the north shore over the last several days. As I was writing this report I received a call from a fellow captain out on a charter who said they were catching them while blind casting. They are certainly our main target species now.

That’s it for this report. Not much news but lots of expectations for better and better bonito fishing. Let the games begin.

Capawock Charters of Martha’s Vineyard
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From the Canyons,  Christopher Willi of Block Island Fishworks & Sandy Point Fly Leaders – – reports:

7/26-8/5: Went to the Gully last Friday with no BFT’s to be found, hit the tails Saturday and had the first YFT hit right at sunrise on the flats, we trolled to the head of the canyon – counted 53 boats… trolled around there for a few hours and watched manta’s doing back flips all morning. Headed back to the flats and picked up another YFT – both about 60#’s. Back at the dock at 2pm. The Tri State Tourny has a great turnout with 90 boats. A 158 Bigeye took top honors, local boat ‘Island Lady’ and Joe Noel’s crew took top albacore prize money. Fish were taken from Hydrographers to the Tails. Bass and fluke are pretty good around the Island. The coldwater incoming tide was perfect on the south side with most bass taken on LT measuring 34-38″s. Clayhead, SW and SE fluking has been reported to be good numbers and ratio of keepers to shorts.


Mark N. Cahill has been writing and editing for since 1995. He started fishing in the mid-1960's and caught his first striper off World's End in Hingham in 1966. From there on in it was an obsession. He loves fishing for tuna, and fly fishing for striped bass. In a pinch, anything with fins will do...

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  1. avatar Rob says:

    Last Cape Cod & Islands report was 9 August, why the lengthy hiatus? Come on guys-lets have a report already!

  2. avatar Rob says:

    How about a report? This is a bit ridiculous.

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