Boston Harbor

Mendy reports things are picking up in Boston after a slow week last week.

Things have slowed considerably, but bass are still around.  Big blues are being encountered offshore by the tuna guys, which can put a terrible hurt on those spreader bars.

There’s been a lot of talk about microbait in the Plymouth area, which has been identified as peanut bunker from this photo provided by Bauerman. 

Javidangler reports:
Bass were all around the bay slurping these things till about 7:00. Two schools looked almost like pogies, but they were small bass doing the tail slap thing.

I threw rubber baits down to 3 inch without luck. The few I did catch were on bait, mackerel. It took a lot of chumming and waiting just to get those couple bites. And the fish had very large bellies.

Bassbuster… I landed one of those sharks yesterday. It didn’t fight much till boatside then put on a great battle.
Lots of splash and spray. Same area as last week.

Striperman13 had a similar report:
We fished Plymouth Duxbury Sun Am. Plan was to look for Charlie but the fog made us change up. Hundreds of small bass slurping bait on the surface around Bug and in the dux chanel. After a bunch of casts found that a small 2" storm shad would catch them if retrieved very slowly in front of their noses. Even then the hits were half hearted. One of the stripers coughed up a bunch of one half inch long frye which explains why they were so finicky. We also saw a nice school of snagable pogies. We called it a day around 8:30AM. To make things more frustrating a friend called later to tell me they had landed 8 fish 25-30 pounds in 40 minutes at a UDL close to where we had been. Live bait was the key.


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