Boston Harbor

Harbor action continues.  Dryfly reports:

broke the cherry early with schoolies busting around the mooring, got outside around 7, into fish on the first drift- tight to the rocks, casting up into the current and slow strips as you drift along the rocks, got a couple schoolies with numerous follows, similar results on other drifts around the island, nothing over 2 feet, finally got into some size at dusk at the shag rocks, fish were nose into the current right on the surface, didnt even need to strip they were taking as soon as the fly hit the water and started to sink, got a couple doubles on fish in the 30" class, made for some interesting manuevering in the rocks when this happened but i still have my lower unit so alls well.

Called it a night when the n.west wind really kicked into gear as a front came over boston- picked up a few more schoolies on poppers on the back side of spinnaker island.

flies- olive and white clousers, olive and white decievers
temps- inside 71 outside 65

looking good for the weekend if you can make it out.

Mendy reports that things have slowed…


The harbor has slowed considerable over the past five days or so. Spots that traditionally hold fish (even if they wont eat) seem to be devoid of life. We have been catching but are having to work mighty hard for a handful of fish per trip.

On the upside, there is still much bait around, both large and small. I will be fishing some early am tides next week and will report back…

Be sure to check out Capt. Wayne’s post from yesterday below!


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