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ChuckD reports the greenheads have moved in to the Essex area, which ought to make fishing Plum Island, Crane’s etc. a really good time.  Fly Deacon puts it best "like flying piranha." 

Steve reports that the pogies in Marblehead have some new company…

Bombed over from Marblehead at 5:15am and found abut 1/2 dozen lonely pogies that didn’t like my treble hook. I grumbled that they have been cleaned out and putted around to confirm the notion. Along comes an 80 foot commercial fishing boat with a 24 foot away boat in tow. It is the Seahuntress out of Fall River, MA. The big boat pulls up a couple of hundred yards inside the no wake markers at the mouth of the harbor; the smaller net boat cruises in looking for the prey about 1000-2000 yards further into the harbor, but no further. They circle around, five or six guys on the craft, scanning the water looking to make the kill. One angler says they have been here for 3 days.

Sure, why not take all the bait and grind it up into Omega3 Fatty Acid Pills?  After all, it’s not like anyone (or thing) needs it. 

At Channel Edge Charters, Capt. Charlie Crue reports:

07_08_05_Owen_Catch.jpgMerrimack River Report #8 July 14, 2005

Our weather this season has been quite changeable. Days of cool wet weather have been followed by bright hot ones. Through out the differing weather conditions the inshore fly and light spin tackle fishing has remained very productive. White and olive/white fly patterns have good to use. Sluggos and Fin-S soft baits work well for stripers and blue fish. In the latter case it can get expensive using soft baits when the blues are around.

On Friday last week, I guided for three spin fishing sportsman, two adults and one ten year old grandson. The weather was sour, with wet heavy mist and fog. Early in the morning they managed to get some small stripers. We fished around the inside of the jetties where I marked a lot of fish. After one 07_13_05_Jacob_Catch.jpgchopped off a Sluggo I knew the fish were blues. As the tide rose we moved up onto the sand bar off of Plum Island Point. That’s where they connected lots of tackle busting bluefish.  Two blues were kept for dinner, one a six pound fish and the other weighed eight pounds.

The early part of the week for inshore fishing continued to yield “twinkie” stripers. It is comforting to see so many small fish. Hopefully most will survive and grow. I always bend the barbs down on my lures and flies to minimize injury to these aggressive beautiful little fish.

Bluefish are around but they are in and out in the area. Pogies are showing in the river

So we may get an influx of bigger stripers in the days ahead. Boats drifting with mackerel or other bait have been doing well from the “tooth pick” to the jetties.

Word’s been coming in of bluefin showing at Jeffries…which is probably why things have gone silent at First Light Anglers…I’ll see if I can’t track down Derek later today.


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