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There’s no sign that this thing’s over yet.  But we can figure it’s going to start tailing off over the next few weeks.  That said, this may be some of the best fishing you see all season.

Bass3six had this:

Fished with Marvin Mojo Lewiton this morning. Lots of pods of small to medium stripers headed southbound in the fastlane. Pods would only stay up for a cast or two.
After 10 a.m. saw a lot of decent fish over sandy bottom spots with lock jaw.
Early on it was very calm…I could hear the NW corner calling….hmmmm, we’ll never know.

Well – I’m now beginning to wonder if I’m the only one that hasn’t been on the water with Marvin over the past two weeks…Iron Mike, Riptide, now 3Six…sounds like someone’s wisely been burning those vacation days!

JimboJones posed this bit:

Been out of town for work last two weeks. Was bummed out thinking I missed the best of the fall fishing. I spent the weekend cruising the usual spots on 127 in Manchester, Beverly, Magnolia, Gloucester, etc.

Basically, he’s concerned that he’s missing out on the fall action.  Not to worry, there’s still plenty to come.  As well, the guys noted that over the past week, there have been blitzes at Glouceester Harbor, Lynn Harbor, Beverly Harbor, Endicott’s, etc.  There’s lots going on, but it just isn’t going on all the time.  With fall fishing, if it isn’t happening where you are, move.

At the Mack, it’s still stripers and blues, stripers and blues.  From Pauper Piscator:

Sunday Morning MM south along PI had many many schools of breaking blues. Had a blast with Dad and bro doing the cast and blast thing. Wind came up and bite dropped right off around 10:00am.

You fly boys want a sure thing with some sporty choppers, get out there early during the week and you should have all you can handle to yourselves.


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