South Shore

Plenty of word of excellent fishing, esp. from the bait crowd with macks so easily available.  Fast action and keepers mixed with schoolies is the word on the dock.

Pushaw reports from Marshfield:

Marshfield 6/4, 6/5


Had a couple of buddies up for the weekend and we did some fishing, North River both nights, out at Brant Rock and middle of the day on Duxbury Bay on 6/5. Not much to show for ourselves. We were fishing flies, artificials, chunk mackerel and green crabs. The one friend of mine hadn’t been fishing since he was 8 but was dragged along Saturday night and caught the only striper of the whole weekend for us. We saw a few fish caught other places, but all in all, not much sign of fish. A diver we talked to had just seen a school of big bass swim by while we were at Brant Rock, but they either turned around or just weren’t interested. It was still a great weekend to hang out on the shore, but I wish I’d put my friends onto some fish.

What we did see and hear was somebody in a big cruiser slam into the shoal by the green bouy yesterday outside Green Harbor while we were home enjoying a pitcher of sangria in late afternoon between fishing spots. The sound was incredible. I guess that’s how people manage to wreck boats, not in rough weather, but on calm days at low tide being stupid.

Tbn43 reports from Plymouth:

Plymouth bay

Plymouth Bay had a square mile of very small schoolies feeding on top Sunday. They were chasing 1.5 inch black minnows with a small belly. Could they be early season bunker? I went through my entire fly box try to find something productive. When I switched to a small black over blue over white clouser I hooked up on nearly every cast.

Later in the day we joined 50 other boats and jigged up mackeral a mile off the Gurnet. Back in the bay by live lining, my friend caught a 33 inch striper .

UptonFloyd reports from the North River:

We fished the North River last week and caught schoolies everywhere we went…up to 26.5 inches but mostly in the 14- to 20-inch range. Clousers in chartruesse and white. All on the outgoing tide.


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