South Shore

Not hearing so much from the southerly areas this week.  That can mean one of two things, either we’re moving into the dog days, or they’re getting into some serious action.

Edsly’s continued to have decent action that the North:

Fished a handful of times at the mouth of the north river. each time relatively limited in time but at the bottom of the tide, generally had a steady pick of small stripers and blues. they fed aggresively wed night in a nasty wind and rain storm but all i was really picking up were small fish. not sure if i wouldve had better luck if i couldve casted further w/out the wind or stuck around longer, it was just too cold and wet. also non ff report, out on friends boat yesterday just off pegotty beach and someone in the boat was casting mack chunks in toward the rocks, after i basically figured high sun on a hot wkend day wouldnt yield much. to my surprise, he landed a healthy looking 26" striper. water was still cool but i was shocked to see the midday fish. anyway, great trip home fishing and otherwise and thanks to all who replied to my posts asking for suggestions.

I’ve got word that indeed the rocks along the southern coast are fishing well.  No word from Duxbury Bay this week, but I expect the action to be continuing down there. 


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