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There are some that would like to make the striped bass classified as a game fish.  This got me to wondering what qualities should a fish have to qualify as a game fish?   Is size  an important factor? How about swimming speed? Maybe tailwalks once hooked should be a factor.

I summit for your consideration the much aligned bluefish.  There are few threads on the board that involve a difference of opinion and keep reappearing season after season.  The one about bluefish vs stripers is the only ongoing aguement  that not only continues each year but is one continuous thread that has required no moderation, banning of a contributor, or grievious insults to those of the opposite camp.

It is a fun read.  Bluefish are fun to fight. Yes they are tough on your tackle. Amoung those that ties flies, there are no badly tied flies, these are your bluefish flies.  Some might argue that bluefish are not as tasty, but that is a matter of personel tastes and fish preparation.  I have met few that have not asked for more of my smoked bluefish.  Bluefish often clear the water, head shaking, tale walking, when was the last time you saw a tuna do that?  Can you image what it would be like if bluefish grew larger?

Just try to think of a 50+ bluefish crashing your rig……


From Capt. Lynne

I did a quick report last night but now I have more details regarding the Bonito explosion yesterday. I thought I had done well with one but I guess after hearing reports that was just the beginning. I will start with the report from Great Point. Burt Went saw three Bonito landed on the beach at the North Parking area yesterday morning. I also had a customer in the shop late yesterday and he was on a boat and landed one from the boat. The reportfrom the West End yesterday was unbelievable, later in the incoming tide I guess the bite went off. Joe Lipuma reported going 14 out of 15. Capt. James Kilmartin’s customers landed 7. I guess I went in too early!!!! I guess they are here. I hope they stay awhile. Get out your parking passes for the bar its going to get busy.

Here are a couple things to remember, the general rule of thumb is to anchor if there are other boats around you, leave enough room between boats to spin cast between each other, my rule is if you think you are to close you probably are, if its your friend and he calls you in then that’s cool. Don’t troll, generally on the Bonito Bar that doesn’t work well.  For flies yellow/white, blue/white and the epoxy minnows work very well. For spin the blue tiger stripe Yozuri Crystal Minnow, the new Yozuri Livebait Minnow Jig, Deadly Dicks and Maria’s.

Get out and enjoy them while they are here they are a blast to catch!!!!!

Capt. Lynne Heyer
Cross Rip Outfitters,Ltd.
24 Easy Street
Nantucket, MA 02554

From Northenspy on the Reel-Time Forum:


Took my son and daughter out on Wednesday and had a great late morning/early afternoon on the water. Landed 5 bones, lost 1 at the boat. Everyone got a bonito. Was a blast to see my 12 year old son and 15 year old daughter fight with the speedsters. Should record the sound of a screaming drag and line slicing through the water.
Tried some deadly dicks to see if they could produce like the Yo Zuri’s, but they did not. Crystal minnows seem to be the ticket with black/silver the #1 choice, blue #2. No real secrets here. Use a fast steady retrieve and you’ll find the blues or the bones. The sand eels are small and thick. Tried a deceiver and sand eel imitation on the fly rod and managed a few blues, but no bones.
When we move around, I’ll throw back a couple of minnows and troll at 5/6 knots to the next location and will pick up a blue or bone pretty consistently. Wednesday was the best day of the past 2 weeks and the water cooled down a bit to 67/68 degrees. Wind from the NW. After 3 hours, with the fishing still really hot, the kids wanted to head in, so we called it a day.
No fishing today and taking the boat back to Westport tomorrow.
Looks like the weekend should be a good one.


Bones, Bass, and Blues = The three “B’s” of the Vineyard Slam…


Jeremy with this Year's First Bone

Success at last; we bagged a “bone”! Now some people might think that refers to a reefer and some might think it means a bonefish and still others might think it has some sexual connotation but to those fishing Vineyard waters it means only one thing; the Atlantic bonito have arrived.  As of this report I still can’t say that they are here in decent numbers, but I can say they are here and are starting to show inshore and not just at The Hooter and other semi-offshore shoals.

The other important matter we can now think about when leaving the dock is achieving the Vineyard “Triple B” Slam; Bass, Bluefish, and Bonito. As the bones become more and more available over the coming days it is a doable exercise if you know where to find a bass. The linesiders have pretty much gone into hiding as the water temperature climbs higher and higher but they are available.

It takes a Harvard Degree to Find a Bass and a French Canadian to Boat a Blue

August is a fun time when fishing the Vineyard. Many of our anglers are not as experienced as the hardcore
guys we take out in June and July. However, if enjoyment is any measurement of success for an August fishing
trip, I’d say we’re getting straight “A’s”.


August fishing is fun for all but for most of us serious fishing finatics eyes are now on the horizon looking forward to less crowds and the arrival of the inshore speedster to round off a Vineyard Super Slam; the Little Tunny! When will the albies arrive is anyone’s guess but word has it that a few have already been spotted.

Dawn Goes Ga-Ga Over a Striper

Dawn Goes Ga-Ga Over a Striper

A Reminder About Slams… The IGFA recognizes In-shore Northeast Slams (Bass, Blue, Bonito, Albie [any three]) and will award a certificate of achievement. See their website for details at

I had the opportunity to run Captain Steve Purcell’s boat “Short Fuse” for a couple of charters this past week. What a treat it was. The 29’ Angler CC with twin 250 Yammies is a fishing machine built for comfort and seaworthiness. If you are thinking of a charter and need to accommodate more than three people, think about contacting either myself or Steve at Larry’s Tackle Shop of Edgartown ( ). It can take up to six comfortably and is also available for off-shore tuna or shark trips. Mention you were referred by me.

Tight Lines and Singing Drags,

Captain Phil Cronin
Cell: 617-448-2030


The Sullivan Kids Admire a Sea Bass


Jan Fights the Heat

Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report … August 13, 2009


The flats seem to be slowing down for now:

Started the day fishing the incoming on the outside flats. No birds no sign of fish no follows, not splashes. I think get the picture. (maybe Joey’s sabile caught them all). Moved to an inside shoal where every drift got either a fish or a hit with the best being a 27″ fish. A chartreuse over white bunny fly base on AndrewP’s recent post in the flytying forum worked well.


From BobG

Now’s a good…no great time to catch up on your chores. Mow the lawn, stain the deck, trim the shrubs. That’s b/c it’s mighty slow on the canal these days.
I’ve pounded the evening/night tides the past two night. Trying different spots (some only known to a few), throwing plastics (all colors/ weights), bucktails (all colors/weights). There’s just nothing there to eat them.

There is some good news though. The PB’s are around, and milling as we speak. I’ve noticed the snowy egrets taking up their traditional perches on strategic points to feed on the newly arriving bait. Plus, I saw the bait milling in a rip I was fishing the other night, completely unmolested.

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