Fall Season

With evening temperatures dropping into the 40’s and in off cape inland areas 30’s, the water around the cape has begun to cool off.  The question is your gear up for the fall fishing frenzies? I know most of mine is looking a bit on the worn side. The line on my main gear has been cast 1000’s of times, and despite water and cleaning sprays, there is a hint of corrosion on some reels, some bails are slow to close and at least one reel is out of commission. At least if one of my favorite reels dies, I do have several back up reels ready to be slapped on. The boat spent some time at the mechanics is seems to be running flawlessly.

I expect to be doing some serious traveling around the bay this weekend focusing on bass. Lobster pots are coming out and if all goes well, I might get one more shot on the side side for the little tunnie. I have a nice little link to some tuna action from Riptide charters. After viewing it, I may swing farther out into the bay to take a look myself. The weather is shaping up for a great weekend. Tight lines to all.

Bob Parsons

Elizabeth Islands and beyond

From Capt. Joe LeClair at North Eastern Anglers:

Yet another great fall week of fishing here in the Buzzard Bay and Elizabeth Islands area. We landed Striped Bass to 40 lbs. on the fly rod. Bonito went strong 4 out of 7 days and the blues are everywhere.

Captain Joe LeClair
North Eastern Anglers

Martha’s Vineyard

Capt. Jaime Boyle sent in this quick report:

On the water now…good bonito bite

Sent from Jaime Boyle’s iPhone
Boylemaker Charters

From Capt Phil Cronin at Capawok Charters Reports:

Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report … September 25, 2009

Fonzy is visiting the island…


Michael with a fine Little Tunny

For all you “Happy Days” fans [if there are any of you left out there] the fishing has pretty much “jumped the shark”. Remember that two part climax to the Happy Days series when the network promoted the end of the sitcom with Fonzy performing the daredevil stunt of jumping a shark pen on water skies. The episode was a real dud and became the laughing stock of the time. Well this week was pretty much a dud on the water for those of us fishing the North Shore. The vast schools of albies have disappeared with the wind, bonito are tough to find, bass have not made their fall migration debut and the bluefish are in hiding. The only real action has been in the waters off chappy where picking up a slam of albies, bones, and bluefish is achieveable if you can get out there in this unforgiving North wind. The next few days call for stiff winds and ugly seas so perhaps the best option right now is to dunk some bait from the shore and hope for that derby winning bluefish.

Lit up and ready for release

Lit up and ready for release

On a bright note; once these North winds wind down, the fishing should improve. Traditionally, the bigger bluefish and bass start to filter in during the first week of October and that’s when we switch from chasing tunoids to targeting bruiser blues and linesiders. It’s also the time of year when those bigger bonito make their appearance. Let’s hope the pattern holds up this year.

Results for the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby have been strong this past week despite the gloomy overall picture. Anglers are weighing some impressive catches and positions on the leader board are changing. You can check out all the standings at www.mvderby.com.

Here are a few photos of what we did before the wind kicked up this week…

cronin-2 cronin-3


Had a pretty good day on the water yesterday landing 9 Bonito on the Bonito Bar and then off to Great Point to land 2 Albies in the Rip late. The Beach bite went off in the morning yesterday up on the west side of the Point. I also heard the Bonito bite was good today. Unfortunately I am stuck in the shop today. Capt Jeff landed a 20lb Bass a couple nights ago. I have also been hearing of good sized Bass being taken off the South Shore at night on plastics like Hogy’s and Slug-go’s.

I hope this weather coming through pushes some more Albies our way and not offshore.

Capt. Lynne Heyer
Cross Rip Outfitters,Ltd.
24 Easy Street
PO Box 55
Nantucket, MA 02554


Bill Downing reports:
Fished the E tide for a couple of hrs last night. A bunch of hits and “rubber hooking.” Landed one bass right around legal. If the push has started, I haven’t seen it yet. Rarely, there is no noticeable influx of bigger fish (36-50+”) into the Canal in some years in the fall. They stay out in the bay(s) and either do the end around the Race or come through the Ditch very quickly or in very small numbers. Hopefully this isn’t one of those years.


BobG reports:


Subtle hit.

Hook up, a horse.

Had to snub the drag.

Could not lift the rod, and just hung on.

#50 new mono leader broke.


North Side

No recent reports, Barnstable Harbor was slow last weekend

Bay and beyound

Check out this video from Riptide Charters
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