Drying Out for the 4th?

Ok so July started off with torrential downpours.  The holiday weekend longs likes it will be promising some good shots on the water.  So what to you do with the fishing information you gather on your trips.  Do you keep a careful journal? Maybe write a little fishing report on a Reel-Time forum letting the world know of your success?   How about putting that information to scientific use?  MA DMF is launching a new website that allows anglers to keep an electronic logbook of their catch.  This would be useful to our local marine biologist and you might mind it handy as well.   Do not worry about giving your favorite spots or techniques. That info is very general.  Check out at this link.

To begin using the eLogbook, go to eLogbook Login located under the Quick Links on the left hand side of the MarineFisheries website (www.mass.gov/marinefisheries). First time users will have to register. A password and user name will be sent to the angler’s email account.  All data provided by participating anglers are considered confidential under M.G.L. c. 66A, the Fair Information Practices Act and only MarineFisheries personnel will have complete access.

Buzzards Bay

Elizabeth Is. Bass
With some sunny weather mixed in with the normal rain and grey the fish have been tearing the ass out of the bait. We have had surface blitzes that were 10 acres of solid striped bass. This type of surface activity is nothing new for Striped Bass but it is always very cool when the average bass is around 18-20 lbs. I have enjoyed fishing along the Elizabeth Islands and Cuttyhunk has been loaded with fresh schools of bass. As quickly as they moved in early this week they moved on today. It was great while it lasted. I don’t think the summer resident fish are here yet. Perhaps the colder than normal water temps and cool air temps have slowed down the migration. This can only mean the fishing throughout July and August will be better than normal… We have had some surface feeding tuna as well as some we have hooked deep. It is not as good as it was a couple weeks ago, but the Tuna are still around and will probably be around throughout July.

Captain Joe LeClair
North Eastern Anglers


Like most people I have had trouble getting out.  Dodged a major bullet Thursday by getting in before the t-storms hit.  But look for small groups of birds on the flats.  Olive drap seems to work well with fish ranging into the low 30″s.


Canal seems to have mixed results. One canal rat reports:

Things improved slightly last night. Did another 3 hour, non stop session. Hit a couple locations, and actually had hits and hook ups at both. So, contrary to what we’ve been hearing, there appears to be life in the canal!
I was suffering from rubber hook syndrome, and with the exception of one possible low keeper, all my fish inexplicably dropped off?

Martha’s Vineyard

Dodging t-storms Phil Cronin found these Bass.
Martha's Vineyard

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