Hard out of the East… Fall is here.

It seems like overnight, we have waltzed into Fall after a short but steamy little summer. Things are lined up well right now with more than enough bait around to fuel a blockbuster fall season. Albies are thick across the region. Bonito, skippies, bass and blues are all being taken within our waters of late as well. Very cool. While some areas did not fish quite as well over the holiday weekend, the days prior to and just after all have been reported as very solid. As I write this, there are 30 mph gusts (ENE) outside of my home in Greenport but we have our fingers crossed that things will lay down this weekend. Having seen the surf at high tide friday afternoon, it has a little ways to go. Once things do lay down for a few days, we’ll be ripe for some great fall action.


Capt Andrew Derr reports:

Fishing has been really great between Orient and Fishers with tons of butterfish and anchovies to feed fish on these strong full moon tides we had last week. Fish were gorging themselves and conditions were pretty good for many solid albie outings. When we didn’t have the albies, we found plenty of 26″ bass and 6-10 pound blues. We did burn some fuel albie searching at times but we were generally well rewarded for our efforts. Had a cool crab hatch occur in a little slack area one day. These crabs were no wider than my pinky fingernail. See the photo of said crabs in my paper coffee cup! A size twelve merkin anyone?  I am moving the boat tomorrow to Montauk and I am looking forward to the fall run. It may take a few days for things to regroup but we should be in good shape very soon.  Can’t wait. Will be in touch. Tight Lines. -Andrew
(some fall run dates still avail.)

Capt. Vinny Catalano reports:

IMG_0272All i have to say is ALBIES,ALBIES and more ALBIES!!! The bite is savage right now been working double trips and haven’t had a day off in 9 days and i just can’t get enough! After making the long run to the east in the middle of sound these fish have been set up there running the same pattern everyday chewin hard. I’ll let the pics do the rest of this report. still have some openings book now don’t wait!! thanks Andrew
Capt Vinny Catalano

IMG_0269 IMG_0264 IMG_0261
IMG_0258 IMG_0273


Capt. John McMurray reports:

mcmurray-ablie4Sept 12-  ALBIES BASS AND BLUES! Well, we’re still solid into Albies.  But we’ve got some mullet now so we’re catching good numbers of bass at dawn and bluefish are crashing poppers throughout the day.  Yeah man, it’s been pretty good.  Believe it or not, there are more albies around, than there was last week but they are… well, they’re acting like albies. Coming up good numbers in short erratic/unpredictable spurts and they are very finicky. Word is out now so there are lots of boats chasing them around and that tends to make them very wary. Even the party boats, for the first time since I’ve been fishing them, seem to want in on the action.  That said, we’re still getting a good number of fish on each trip, but we’ve been having to work for them. The good news is that the mullet are in, so some of the shallow areas have been loaded with stripers and big bluefish during the dawn hours. Works out well for me as I can work those fish for an hour or two, then go bang my head against the wall with the albies. Re availability, we’ve got some, so give us a shout. -John www.nycflyfishing.com

mcmurray-ablie5 mcmurray-ablie3 mcmurray-ablie2
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