Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report

Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report … July 25, 2010

Wrestling with the Crocodiles…and BONITO

I’ve been hoping that by now we would be talking about bonito but their arrival is late as compared to past years. That’s bad news when you specialize in fly fishing and light tackle angling. The Atlantic bonito is a very exciting fish on the long pole and successfully catching one is both a challenge and a treat. The challenge is being able to put the fly or lure at the right spot and at the right instance, fighting a fish that makes erratic runs and has a knack for trickery, and putting the fish in the boat. The treat is eating a very tasty piscatorial predator. The scouts are starting to arrive as 9 year old Billy McConnell can attest to. On Saturday, July 24, Billy fought a bone to the boat when we were bluefishing with the McConnell clan. Unfortunately, the bonito didn’t make it into the boat as it threw the hooks when I tried to tail grab it. If I only had a net onboard we would be laying claim to the first inshore bone of the year. Oh well; that’s bonito fishing. I expect the bonito action to heat up soon.

McConnell Clan Gathering Dinner

Bass fishing has been slow although small schoolies are still doable. Water temps have been hitting the 77 degree range and the keeper linesiders are seeking cooler habitat. On the plus side, we have been concentrating on some outstanding bluefish angling with both fly and spin gear. I had been calling them “blue tarpons” but now I’m thinking they are more like angry crocodiles. Close to shore are the small ones in the 3 to 5 pound class but take a little trip more offshore and you will be rewarded with some hefty bruisers in the 7 to 10 pound class.

We’ve been fishing east of the island and it’s been well worth the 12 mile trip. These guys are knuckle busters that run and jump. They’re a blast for both experienced and beginner anglers.

Letis Family Still Manages to Rope Some Bass

Bob F. Wrestles with the Crocodiles

Jay and Ed with some Crocs

Team Hillman with their Crocodiles

The 2010 Monster Shark Tourney is now history. I don’t fish it and in fact, have in the past felt some sympathy for the sharks that have been brought to the weigh-in. On Saturday night I tried for the first time some thresher shark that a friend had given me. It was delicious! I no longer have that same feeling of sympathy. Between the scientific research that the tournament aids in, the donation of shark meat to various good causes, the camaraderie among the contestants, and the positive economic impact the event has on the island, I’m all for it. Just keep giving me that tasty shark meat and I’ll be a happy camper.

Capawock Charters of Martha’s Vineyard

Captain Phil Cronin

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