October run kicks into gear


Captain Gendron with a shallow water striper

Fall run seems to be getting some legs.  Legitimate blitzes have been reported along the south shore with bass, albies, and blues in the mix.  Bait consists of mullet, peanuts, silversides, and bay anchovies.  Unfortunately, the weekend weather is not looking good.

Newport & Middletown

MConnole reported:

Yesterday was the real deal for what turned out to be solid action for most of the day. In the corner of Second Beach a huge school of bass were blitzing non-stop for at least 3 hours or so. I got there by accident at 9:30 AM and reluctantly had to leave around 10:45 AM. Word had it that from 7:30 on the area was non-stop. Bass has the bait up against the rocks and in front of the beach for hours. They would make their rounds, disappear for a minute or 2 and then come back. I actually thought the action was done 3 or 4 times and was about to leave the water when they popped up again and again. The fish were in the 25 inch and higher range. They eventually headed out beyond casting range at around 11:00. They made their way out towards The Clambake Club and out in front of Second Beach all day. I only saw 2 boats all day and that was in the late afternoon. I also heard reports that the back side of Satchuetts was very productive last evening as well. This morning they were still around but way out at both First and Second Beaches. As of yet, I’ve seen nothing in the way of shore action but I’m heading down there shortly.

South Shore Surf

Bdowning reported:

Kind of a repeat performance of Fri at 3 AM on Monday. One 30″ bass, and another right around 28″ from rock piles, but at high water. I prefer low tide. Mini blitzes all day after sunup, mostly out of reach. Hotspots were Watch Hl and Charlestown b-way, tomorrow they will be somewhere diff. A nice slug of small blues hit a beach at dusk, but surprisingly choosy. (but they didn’t mind cutting my soft plastics though ). The switch to metals didn’t work for me.

All the daytime action was very picky. Only saw a few blues caught here and there. Some locals are saying the albies are around in good numbers still, which may account for the pickiness, but I don’t know.  Loads of bait waiting for whatever is around to eat it.

Watch Hill and Eastern LI Sound

Capt. Mike Duclos of Tiderunner Charter reports:

For those who take the chance and venture out with the predictions of wind and rain; they are usually rewarded with great fishing and fewer boats .That was the tell of the tale last weekend; the days started with some wind and the threat of rain, which did not materialize. What we found were Albies that were anxious to take hardware and flies, Deadly Dicks, small silverside imitations and anchovie patterns were best. We saw terns picking up butterfish but did not try to use matching patterns, the longer baits were working fine. Our fish came from the Sluiceway, Little Gull and Race Point. Matt Budge managed a Grand slam with Albies, Bluefish and Stripers, his brother John landed several Albies and Bluefish. Sunday brought afternoon winds and higher seas, but not before landing a nice bunch of Albies and a couple of bass. There are some very large Albies out there, I know of one weighed over 14 lbs.; on my Saturday charter Matt had a fish on for 12 minutes that we saw fly by a couple of times, it pulled free leaving us with open mouths, it was a huge Albie. Hope the weather gives us a reprieve next week. I have openings for those of you that want some good late season action. Have a great week.

Roger K. Gendron of Connecticut Island Outfitters reports:

More small craft warnings this past week, as pressure changes brought some high winds and rain.  And the sea state caused me cancel more trips this past week and week end; very sad.

There were a few hours of fishable weather here and there, so I did a little prospecting near shore, hiding from the wind in coves and creeks on the high tides.  Occasionally, I would see bait spraying near grassy shorelines as I doodled around the lee side of smaller Islands.  Copious blind casting (or nearly blind as I could see bait but not fish) produced schoolies on the fly rod.

It was not the consistent action I found the week before, jigging in deeper water, but it I’ll take a few on the fly when its blowing hard.  Most of the strikes were in about 6 feet of water on the outgoing.  I was using a full sinking line, but not a fast-sink shooting head.  The fly was weighted too; a real shock I know.

The water temp remains low to mid 60’s so the fall is still really just getting going, and could be a long one this year.

Good luck this weekend.

Garth Fondo

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