Peanuts are in the salt ponds

Very slow week of reports.  Hurricane Bill swept wide of New England, but had a significant impact on the surf fishing.  Large waves up to 12 feet pounded the beach over the weekend.  It made fishing difficult at best and left lots of weeds.  As of Thursday, there is still mung in the water.  The storm generated no real wind for Southern NE and thus Bill had less of an impact for boaters.  However, it appears many boaters still stayed home.

Peanuts are now in the salt ponds along with a lot of silversdes.  The peanuts I saw on Thursday night were very small.  Schoolie stripers and blues are in the ponds feeding on these baitfish.  Ponds are also loaded with snapper blues.

As I write this report, the weekend looks like a washout for both surfcasters and boaters.  Heavy winds, high seas, and rain are all forcasted due to Hurricane Danny.

Watch Hill and Eastern LI Sound

Capt. Mike Duclos of Tiderunner Charter reports:


Bass courtesy of Tiderunner Charters

The challenge of fishing in salt water can be summed up by my rule of three’s; one day fishing is ok, but you have to work hard all day for a few fish, the next day is a good day with fish that are in the predictable locations and are actually feeding, day three is crazy with birds and fish everywhere that day you have to work not to catch fish.

This past week with fog so thick in the morning that a ride to Watch Hill on instruments took an hour and we still had a challenge trying to locate fish.  After a couple of bass on the surface we moved over to the Race to catch the outgoing tide. Bass were feeding on the small bait drifting under jellyfish and hammered poppers and sliders as they fed all over the surface.  Ed my topwater guy managed at least 20 fish before the fog lifted, presenting a school of bluefish a couple of hundred yards away.  We ended the day with a couple of bluefish.

The next day the fish were in the same spot with a lot more boats on them on a bright sunny morning. We managed five nice Stripers and a bunch of bluefish before the tide came full and we ran out of time. Fishing is getting better each week, lets hope it continues. Have a great week and tight lines to all.

Good luck this week,

Garth Fondo

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