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Cape Cod Ice

As promised here is an ice report for cape cod. Today 1/27, temperatures were in the high forties. I was on ice at a small pond that was four inches thick, but with the warmer temperatures, it started acting like sketchy three inch ice so

Cape Cod Fish Report 10/25

This will be the last collection of fishing reports for the season. Not that there are not any fish, but due to lack of people fishing and reports. Some have headed south, some are out hunting. Take Note When the temperature drop low and long

Cape Cod Fishing Report 10/18

The end of the season is winding down. Albies, despite a massive sighting around the islands, have apparently followed Elvis and left the building. The die hard shore fly group are still getting fish as evident from the above photo. My most productive shore spot

Cape Cod Report Oct. 4

It is hard to believe it is October. For some the boats are out and the season has ended. Others are gearing up for the fall rush. A few by no choice of their own have accumulated boat issues which has forced them off the

Cape Cod Fishing Report 9/27

Currently the focus this week has been the exotic fish, especially the false albacore or albie. This includes myself with all my trips heading out on the south side. Try as I might this Lizzard fish was the only “exotic” fish I caught. For how

Cape Cod Fishing Report 9/19

Well there is a new game in town. Yes it has finally happened, the albies have around in good numbers. This is not a rumor, I have seen them up close but not quite personal. Canal Canal continues to produce fish in the predawn hours,

Cape Cod Fishing Report 9/13

So if this report is a bit late in the day, I was out fishing. For a good part of the week I’ve had to deal with “small craft warnings” and that’s what I got, a small craft. Canal I hear the canal has been

Boston Saltwater Fishing Report for September 6, 2013

We’ve swung into fabulous Fall fishing. It’s happening up and down the coast. Alas, the only fishery that isn’t happening is the Bluefin fishery. Where are the fish?

Cape Cod Fishing Report 9/6

WANTED Euthynnus alletteratus alias false albacore, fat albert, little tunny, funny fish capable of 40mph runs when hooked. at times will eat anything throw at it, but mostly ignores your best presentation. South Side People are looking. I heard someone saw a pod off Osterville

Cape Cod Fishing Report Aug. 30. 13

Well it’s the end of August and pursuit of funny fish has begun in earnest. All the gas that was saved due to limited trips or trailer problems will be burned as I head back and forth to islands south and west. Vineyard Sound Get

Boston Saltwater Fishing Report for August 30, 2013

A weird week on top of a weird season. Word is that Boston Harbor has feeds in the mornings, but has been up and down. The Merrimack is fishing well, with plenty of good catches throughout the area. Tuna is more of a Chatham, Block Island thing now. Plymouth is improving.

Cape Cod fishing report 8/23

For all those fisherman that have have lost tackle or had their eels bitten in half I give you this. North Side Not hearing much about surface feeds or heavy concentrations of fish. I’ve seen a few charter boats still trying to pick up fish

New York and New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Report for August 16, 2103

Slow week for reports.  Water temps in NJ had things slowed down the past couple weeks.  Good to see the cow nosed rays have moved in; they’re a great fight! If you’re on the water, send in a report and pics.  That’s what makes this

Boston Saltwater Fishing Report for August 16, 2013

Albies popped up on the beachfront last Sunday at Plum Island, and inside the river a monster sturgeon was caught. Tons of bait, lots of good catches. Boston Harbor fishing remains strong, all in all, it’s a great time to be on the water.

Cape Cod Saltwater Fishing Report August 9, 2013

I took advantage of some decent weather to fish around Monomoy. It is apparent from the picture that navigating the new cut can be tricky. Early morning parking at some ramps should be easier now that the commercial bass season has ended. There was not

Boston Saltwater Fishing Report for August 9, 2013

The August curse…basically too few reports to cobble together a report, but I figured the news was good enough from those that did that it would be a shame not to share it. In some of the weirder news of the season, if not ever,

NY and New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Report for August 2, 2013

First off, a big thanks goes out to former Reel-Time NY/NJ writer John McMurray who last week  gave testimony to the US Senate Commerce committee on the impacts the Magnuson Stevens Act amendments have had on U.S. fisheries in the Mid-Atlantic region. In other news,

Boston Saltwater Fishing Report for August 2, 2013

Fishing in Massachusetts, a truly unique experience.  I was reminded of this the other day when Snipe&Purple sent me a link to his blog with an article on fishing Castle Island entitled “Flight Path Fishing”. Standing waist deep in the cool ocean water, the orange

Cape Cod Saltwater Fishing report August 2, 2013

An interesting week around the Cape. Striper fishing definitely seems to have slowed down. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some good news: the funny fish are here – we’ve got confirmation that the bonito are in on Martha’s Vineyard so let the games begin.

Cape Cod Fishing Report July 28, 2013

It’s cold an windy, small craft warnings are up. But the outlook for the weekend is better. Less wing, more sun and less rain, although I would keep the rain gear handy. Outer Cape The bay is seeing much less traffic since the commercial fleet

Cape Cod Fishing Report July 19

Sorry about the quality of last week’s reports. I was off to Denver on Thursday for five days. The challenge since I’ve returned is getting up early to hit the fishing while it is still productive. Find cooler water down deep and you may be

Boston Saltwater Fishing Report for July 19. 2013

Plum Island Refuge opens for night fishing tonight. In other news, there isn’t much to report. Boston has slowed up, and a lot of the guys have switched over to fishing tuna offshore. Of course, they tend to be a little tight lipped…

New York and New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Report for July 19, 2013

Nothing breaks the heat like tuna action! Lots of tuna showing up offshore and the big gator blues have showed up close along the Jersey Shore. It’s a great time to be on the water!

New York and New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Report for July 12, 2013

New Jersey Capt. Paul Eidman at Reel Therapy reports: All good.This week had us slinging live bunkers under bluefish at times to fly casting for weakies along structure. Fluke fishing is picking up as well. Dates available. Come out and go for fluke or weakies on the fly or

Boston Saltwater Fishing Report for July 12, 2013

Hard to admit it, but we’re heading towards those summer doldrums. There are still fish around, with some nice catches coming from the last week, but the fish have definitely moved into a summer pattern.

Rhode Island and Connecticut Saltwater Fishing Report for June 28, 2013

A great run of 50lb. stripers off Block Island (again, happened same time last year, remember) has the fishing community buzzing. Tuna looks like it’s going to kick off any day – Peter at Saltwater Edge predicts after the next moon, but I say today, tomorrow or early next week, based on the NY action…

New York and New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Report for July 27,2013

Tuna time! And it’s come a little early this season.  Tackle tearing, muscle munching, back wrenching tuna!  That makes this my favorite New York and New Jersey saltwater fishing report of the year… Tuna is one of those species that takes a lot of knowledge

Cape Cod Fishing Report 6/28

  As more boats use the new Chatham cut, we are getting a better idea of it’s geography. Recently Shaun from Navionics was mapping the cut and produces this image of his travels Canal I hear there are still some macks around the east end.

Boston Saltwater Fishing Report for June 27, 2013

The start of July 4th week – coming off some smoking hot fishing, we’re going to see everything that can float (and some things that can’t) on the water.  Fishing will become very much a nocturnal endeavor, with the prime action at first and last

Cape Cod Fishing Report 6/21/13

It is now officially summer. Being now summer it will be more fishing than catching. The easy stuff is behind us for the time being. Shore goers will have to hit more spots to satisfy their fix, boaters burn more gas. After a few miles

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