Boston Saltwater Fishing Report for August 30, 2013

The other day we posted an interesting piece by Capt. John McMurray entitled: “Striped Bass Gamefish Rationale”.  This bit caught me:

“If the true motivation is conservation, and I believe that at least with most gamefish advocates that’s the case, they could avoid a lot of grief by being very clear in their “conservation” goals.  In other words, stop talking about killing small fish, either by reducing the minimum size or creating  a slot limit, and shift the conversation toward reducing fishing mortality.”

Reducing mortality.  It’s something we all need to consider; how are we handling the fish we release and doing the most to ensure they have the best chance of survival.

Your thoughts?

Merrimack River

At Surfland on Plum Island they report:

Well, these fish that you will see here are not like the monster we put up the other day but they are still worth talking about. This past week has definitely seen an increase in action along the oceanfront for the bass. Early morning has been producing some small stuff with low tide having been early in the am this past week. A lot of the guys have been using worms and clams for bait and metal has been the lure of choice for the fishermen. The other tide that has been also productive has been the top of the incoming tides. Have seen  fish from parking lots 1, 2, & 3 on the refuge and also a few fish from Sandy Point. Those have been by bait fishermen using clams and worms. Here are some pictures of out bait fishermen:


Cape Ann

At First Light Anglers Capt. Derek Spingler reports:

Inshore Report

The reports the last couple of days have not been spectacular for stripers. It sounds like the Boston Harbor feed can still be pretty decent first thing in the morning but not as consistent as a couple of weeks ago. The same can be said for the surface feeds in and around Beverly and Salem harbors. The mackerel have still been around Little Misery and Straitsmouth but much more challenging to get any huge numbers. A couple of customers reported getting some off of Halibut Point so that may be worth a peak. The fishing in the rivers has be OK with mostly small schoolies being caught up in Plum Island sound and Little Neck. It seems like the rock fishing is pretty hit or miss for legal size fish. Some rocks holding decent numbers and then stretches with no fish in between. The reports of false albacore off Plum Island were true just seems to be a one time thing and now they are gone. Apparently there are still piles of squid in Gloucester harbor and down in Beverly and Salem. My daughter walked out on the breakwall in Gloucester yesterday afternoon and said all the buckets were full of squid. She thought it was so cool and asked if we could go do it, because that’s where calamari comes from. Game on girl!! Good luck, Derek

Offshore Report

Well the school bluefin still have not shown up around Cape Ann in any great numbers. It sounds like guys out of Chatham are getting a few fish on the troll around first light and few fish are being seen on the surface south of Block island but that is about it. There have been a few giants here and there but nothing consistent at all. A couple of fish will be caught one day and then nothing for the next few. There were some good volumes of herring down on the bank but the bluefish moved in thick yesterday and clobbered all the live baits! Anyways, I hope it improves as the Bluefin Blowout is this weekend and it would be nice to see some slobs weighed in. Good luck, Derek

Capt. Jay  Shields at Purelife Charters has been on the tuna this week:


Matty opened the day with a lil cutie on the jig. That started a solid 4-6 outing. Lotta fish out there. Steamin home now. Powerful. — with Matthew StPierre.

South Shore

In Plymouth Capt. Dave Bitters at Baymen Charters has been up and down.  Things appear ready to break open for the fall, but this week the fish went scarce on Wed. morning.  Of course I’m sure the fog didn’t help.

Capt. Dave & Jeb Burrows III, with a fly rod striper caught in two FOW along a weed bed.

Capt. Dave & Jeb Burrows III, with a fly rod striper caught in two FOW along a weed bed.




Mark N. Cahill has been writing and editing for since 1995. He started fishing in the mid-1960's and caught his first striper off World's End in Hingham in 1966. From there on in it was an obsession. He loves fishing for tuna, and fly fishing for striped bass. In a pinch, anything with fins will do...

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