Boston Saltwater Fishing Report for August 2, 2013

Fishing in Massachusetts, a truly unique experience.  I was reminded of this the other day when Snipe&Purple sent me a link to his blog with an article on fishing Castle Island entitled “Flight Path Fishing”.

Boston Saltwater Fishing ReportStanding waist deep in the cool ocean water, the orange sun slipping beneath the horizon and feeding fish breaking the surface all around me, I could for a moment have been transported to some tropical atoll that travelling fisherman pay a small fortune to visit. But before I could get carried away; the illusion was swiftly shattered by a deafening roar, as a large passenger airline passed low overhead. This was no tropical paradise but rather Castle Island in Boston Harbor, about as urban as saltwater fishing gets and directly under the flight path of the international airport. No longer an island, it is essentially a large saltwater pond, best described by its local nickname, the Sugarbowl.

You can read the whole post here.

Additionally I noticed a great little video by Peter Laurelli called SIFF12: Fishing the Northeast

It’s that kind of fishing that makes writing these Boston Saltwater Fishing reports so much fun!

Merrimack River

At Surfland Bait and Tackle, Strickman had this report:

John from Hudson NH with Bob from Leominster MA fishing the North Jetty with live Mackerel on Saturday. Awesome day fishing caught our limit on the out going tide and kept catching and releasing 32-35inchers! Great day on the water!!!! We also bumped in to this sea sunfish…

Cape Ann

At First Light Anglers Capt. Derek Spingler reports:


Somewhat surprisingly the striper fishing has remained pretty solid over the last week. Granted the plugs and flies have been a bit slow when the light is bright but flipping mackerel into the rocks is consistently producing nice fish. There has been a pretty steady surface feed still down off of Beverly and Salem harbors in the morning. The fish have been feeding mainly on small herring and squid so the fly has been very productive although small plastics and Jumping Minnows have been working OK. The mackerel are still pretty thick up off of Straitsmouth and the Salvages as well as off Halibut Point. The seaweed was miserable from Rockport to Magnolia for a few days but with a change in the wind it has cleaned up pretty nice. Supposed to be getting a bit of a ground swell so fishing the rocks in the white water should improve over the next couple of days with lures and flies. Since the water has cooled down a bit the rivers have started to fish pretty well again. I have not heard many reports from the Essex river but a handful of guys reported good fishing up in Plum Island sound around Middle Ground and Sandy Point. Anyways, I hope the striper fishing stays good as the offshore tuna fishing is very slow. Good luck, Derek

At Tomo’s Tackle in Salem, Tomo Shiraishi reports:

Stripers between 16 to 35 inches have been abundant in north shore harbors, often found surface feeding for long period of time.  Bluefish of all size, from snapper to gator size, are being found in the harbors also.  Night time eeling along the rocky shoreline of north shore has been picking up, with more 40+ inchers being caught than previous weeks.  A 44 pounder was caught in day time.  Black sea bass found in the rockpiles have been mostly sub legal size.  There have been abundance of squid in north shore harbors, though they have been finicky at times.  Many anglers have been catching 3 digits per outing.

Boston Harbor

Capt. Wayne Frieden at Reel Dream Charters reports:

I had the pleasure of taking Tom Foley, 3rd Base Coach, Dave Martinez, Bench Mgr., and Chris Westmoreland, Equipment Mgr. for the Tampa Bay Rays out for a morning of light tackle fishing for stripers. Tom is the longest running 3rd base coach for Tampa Bay and played for 13 seasons as a major league infielder for a number of teams. Dave has had a prestigious career of 17 years in the majors with many firsts to his credit and a great batting average. Westie has been equipment manager for the team since it’s inception. Moreover, these guys were fun to fish with and all around great anglers. We had a number of fish in the short water and off the rocks early in the morning and lost a couple good ones too! The fish came up later in the anchorage but were tough to stay on and even tougher to hook.


South Shore

At Baymen Charters Capt. Dave Bitters reports:

On board today I had repeat clients, James Carney and son, Zach, from NJ, for light tackle fishing on the bay.

At first light, we found a few fish hanging around the Island Creek Oyster grants. Jim’s first cast for the morning – WHAM!!!  A BIG bass comes up and slams the super spook in three FOW. Just as quick, it throws the hook and we never see that fish again.

On to the next spot. As we cut across the bay, I see 2-3 birds looking at bait. We slow down for a closer look and the bay erupts into a top-water blitz all around us. Bait is flying through the air, and Jim and Zach have multiple double hook-ups. It was mayhem until slack tide and then the bite shut down cold.

We moved on and fish rocky structure and had one fish come up and slam the super spook – only to throw the hook. hard to guess, but it looked to be in the low thirty inch range.

After fishing inside the bay, we ran out front and trolled (!) the front beach from Plum Hills to High Pines. Zip! Then, we ran to the #10 at the tip of High Pines Ledge and found MONSTAH blues in 34 FOW. We rigged with wire and threw the Double D poppers. Zach landed on blue about 30 inches. Several other hit and missed. Then, Zach hook into a giant that took out well over one-hundred yards of 30lb braid on a scorching run! That fish fought with Zach for ten minutes until his arms ached! That fish was ever bit of 36” inches.

Back inside we picked up  a few more shorts and called it a great 5.5 hours on the bay under clearing skies, and nearly calm seas. Once the east wind kicked in, the fishing was done for the morning. A great trip with these two fine anglers.

Capt. Dave (781) 934-2838


Mark N. Cahill has been writing and editing for since 1995. He started fishing in the mid-1960's and caught his first striper off World's End in Hingham in 1966. From there on in it was an obsession. He loves fishing for tuna, and fly fishing for striped bass. In a pinch, anything with fins will do...

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