Cape Cod fishing report 8/23

For all those fisherman that have have lost tackle or had their eels bitten in half I give you this.

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North Side

Not hearing much about surface feeds or heavy concentrations of fish. I’ve seen a few charter boats still trying to pick up fish off Sandy Neck. I found the schoolie action a bit stronger in Barnstable Harbor earlier in the week. Looking for some early morning surface feeds soon.
From Bonefish Dick I have this report.

I was on the water on 1:30 pm and was hooked up on my first fish 10 minutes later. The wind had to be at least 15 mph and steady from left to right from about the 11 o’clock position which was not ideal.

I used 4 different flies and got 7 fish on the first, one on the second, 2 on the third and 3 on the last one. The first fly was my Betsy, the second was the Mahi Mahi, the third the Frutti Betsy and the fourth fly was a Yellow and White Clouser.

The wind never let up and the rain was only a small shower. The water was extremely low with the minus tide and the flow was very good and the fish were active, when the tide slowed so did the activity. On the slack I moved to an area we call “the Bowl” and got my last three fish there and then decided to wrap it up rather than wait for the turn and the water to start in I was in the car at 6 pm and then at Dunkins 10 minutes later and home at 7 pm.

The fish were up to 22 inches with the shortest around 16 to 17 inches. So again for August, 13 fish from shore in 4 hours is not a bad thing. Throw in the missed hits and drops and it was never a long time between something going on.
beach bass

Reports with pictures of bonito are on the increase from the usually early season spots. So far I’ve only heard of fish being taken while trolling. Captain Ruge gets the award for the smallest bonito taken this week.

And this report from Go Fish

It has been a long time since I was last on the water…but some things are worth waiting for.

This morning’s forecast has looked great since last week; the weather and tides were perfect. Work is slow, and my duties at home are at a local minimum so I took the day off and Jason, a buddy from work who has never been saltwater fishing and Eric (the infamous e-sea-e) and I went to the Bonito grounds. We were greeted by birds, bait and half a dozen extremely well behaved boats…I love fishing on a Tuesday.

The bait was sand eels and the fish were there but they were pretty picky or there weren’t very many of them. We never saw anything on the surface other than annoying, discontinued-jig-destroying, 12 inch blue fish. All of the funnies were picked up on small metals that looked like the 3” long sand eels that were in huge rafts everywhere you looked.

We had to work for the fish…but the scream of the drag was worth it. Long, skinny 24 gram Deadly Dicks and 28 gram Marias were the ticket.

go fish

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