Cape Cod Fishing Report 9/13

So if this report is a bit late in the day, I was out fishing. For a good part of the week I’ve had to deal with “small craft warnings” and that’s what I got, a small craft.


I hear the canal has been productive early in the morning. Good fish and more smaller fish activity.

South Side

People are still looking for albies. Snapper blues are make a strong presence felt. Monday was a calm day so I had a chance to explore the waters from Waquoit to Oak Bluffs, State Beach, Chappy and out to Wasque but did not see a single fish. While out of my territory I have started to hear a few rumblings from states to our south that have seen a pick up of activity.

North Side

For those of you shore bound I have this report from Dick.
When I arrived in Sandwich I was not sure what to expect because of the earlier winds from the North. There was some residual rollers and the water was a little off color but not a lot of weeds which was a good thing. I was in the water at 1:13 pm and by 1:30 I had 3 fish on the Betsy. High tide was still an hour away and I figured I would switch up to Yellow/White Clouser and it was not long before I hooked what would be my big fish of the day at 25 inches. He was nice and fat and gave a good account of himself. After not getting anything for awhile, I then tried a number of different flies and still came up empty. At that point I decided to go back to the proven winner, The Betsy. She produced 5 more fish and they all were like the first 3 fish in the 21 to 23 inch range.

For the first time in quite awhile I found breaking fish in the Barnstable area, small but good fly rod fodder.

Outer Beaches

Still some good fish being dragged onto the sand at night and early morning. Be prepared to move around a bit until you find them.

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