Cape Cod Fishing Report 9/27

exotic fish?

Currently the focus this week has been the exotic fish, especially the false albacore or albie. This includes myself with all my trips heading out on the south side. Try as I might this Lizzard fish was the only “exotic” fish I caught. For how others are doing read the South Side report.


Not much as changed here. With this cooler weather, people will be looking for big fish to start moving back through.

Not much information there. I did not get out and the winds from the North keep my shore contacts off the beaches.

Outer Cape
Lots of baby herring reported in the waters. If fly fishing at night go with big black flies. If nothing were you fishing keep move until you find them.

South Side

There are some bass to be found on the south side. You need to hit the right place and the right tide. A guest on my boat caught one while we were blind casting for albies.

Albies have been report from the islands west/south to Monomoy. From earlier in the week Capt. Ruge had this report

Nothing to write home about the past 2 mornings but today…. not so much. Got a late start @ 6. 5 by 7:30 and off to work. Threw a couple different lures experimenting but as usual, fast moving SI Epoxy jigs in Pink made the difference.

ruge albie

As the week progressed the bite occurred later and was on some days great and others hit or miss with long days for a single fish. Friday was one of the great days.

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