Cape Cod Fishing Report 9/6

Euthynnus alletteratus
false albacore, fat albert, little tunny, funny fish
capable of 40mph runs when hooked.
at times will eat anything throw at it, but mostly ignores your best presentation.

South Side

People are looking. I heard someone saw a pod off Osterville briefly along with a second hand report of a spanish mack being caught. But mostly DonW and BobC’s reports some of the fishing.

Elizabeths-Newport – Plenty of bait , no funny fish. Many small blues, some trying to imitate albies, but no FAs. Heard of a couple bonito trolled up, but nothing on surface. Am i just impatient or is it past time?


It’s past time. I wasted even more gas last week trailering beyond elizabeths-Newport to cover Watch Hill to Montauk. I thought I could deal w/ impatience, but my current state of depression suggests otherwise.

There are still mackerel and other assorted baits hanging out. thin k east to find your beast!

North Side
There have been fish moving east and west along Sandy Neck. Looks to be an early morning bite. No sign of fish chowing down in Barnstable harbor yet.

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