Cape Cod Ice

As promised here is an ice report for cape cod. Today 1/27, temperatures were in the high forties. I was on ice at a small pond that was four inches thick, but with the warmer temperatures, it started acting like sketchy three inch ice so I left. We due for a few days of cold so here is what I expect. Small ponds could have up to 5-6 inches of ice by Saturday. Larger ponds 3-4 inches, some of the larger ponds had patches of water visible on Friday, but most of those patches had skimmed over Saturday/Sunday. Today could have opened those up again. When it snowed the north wind blue the snow/slush into southern coves where it froze quickly, here you will find the ice averages an inch thinker than the black ice. At lot of people are hoping that Wequaquet will freeze over, the coves yes but the middle is sketchy (open in spots) as of today

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